Ham Radio is "faintly embarrasing?"

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KV9Y, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. WA4DOU

    WA4DOU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I consider Time magazine to be in the same league as Dan Rather and CBS. Nothing they have to say is of any interest to me.
  2. N9CJT

    N9CJT Ham Member QRZ Page

    [just arrived in from "Gloria"]

    Dear Reader:

    Thank you for letting us hear from you. The editors appreciate the
    interest that prompted you to write, and they have made attentive note of
    your comments. We hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with

    Best wishes.

    TIME Letters
  3. KF4VGX

    KF4VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    People write article's all the time without any knowledge
    of the subject. Time magazine uses its public appeal to its customers ,the same as Ham operators do among their peers.
  4. OD5TX

    OD5TX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have emailed the following message to TIME and I think that it is very important we all voice our concern to them . 73 de OD5TX also AI4EO Michel


    It appears to me that Mr. Grossman has made a comment about ham radio without understanding what it is all about.
    Ham Radio is an important hobby which is also very useful in times of emergency.It is also a backup communications network for many events.
    It is definitely important to point out to Mr. Grossman that ham radio operators played a very important role during the 9/11 attacks on NYC and Washington DC for handling emergency communications when the traditional phones ( land & cell ) network failed.
    Ham radio operators from all over the world are currently providing emergency communication in the aftermath of the earthquake in South East Asia.
    Similar public service has been provided during last Summer Florida hurricanes.
    It is not the first time that hams are not recognized for their efforts but it is surprising that a respectable magazine like yours publishes such commets.
    Mr. Grossman should apologize to the hams for his statement and should think twice before making similar statements.

    Michel C. Homsi licensed as OD5TX in Lebanon and AI4EO in the USA
  5. W6BJD

    W6BJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Snow comes in three colors. White, yellow, and pink. Only eat the white snow.
  6. kd4mxe

    kd4mxe QRZ Member QRZ Page

    ham Radio is not embarrassing But its this kind of attitude some hams have thats what is embarrassing
  7. VA3WIN

    VA3WIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is my e-mail to the NY Times.

    Lev Grossman, what planet are you from? Have you done any research on amateur radio? You obviously have not.

    Amateur radio has not only been a hobby since the early nineteen hundreds but the help that amateur radio operators have rendered without remuneration or, in most cases, without recognition regarding communications during catastrophes and/or simply local events is incalculable.

    (1) Amateur Radio Operators are federally licensed and have a working knowledge of the technology regarding the equipment being used.
    (2) We are mandated to help with communications without payment when a need is obvious or to assist the authorities (when called upon) if a failure occurs in their communications system.
    (3) Under pain of monetary penalty or incarceration, we are prohibited to use foul or profane language in any of our communications.

    The foregoing are only some of the salient points regarding Amateur Radio. Yes, of course, the hobby aspect is that of making contact with other stations whether they be around the corner or around the world at a base station or mobile. The hobby not only provides fellowship while talking to other amateur radio operators but there are contests whereby operators are encouraged to make as many contacts as possible with the allotted time of the contest period and awards or certificates are provided. This demonstrates the efficiency and capabilities of the operator.

    The hobby has also provided many spin-off pieces of technology being used to great advantage world wide i.e. (a) Cellular telephone technology where the repeater tower idea is now used for continuous coverage. (b) E-mail; having been patterned on Packet Radio – a form of digital bursts or packets to be decoded by the receiving station as text.

    Now, we – collectively should expect an apology or - - - at least an “I was wrong” from you.

    J. R. Baldwin – VA3WIN (proud to be an amateur radio operator)

    Omemee, Ontario
  8. KA5SIG

    KA5SIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unfortunately, the only thing embarrassing is the behavior of a few individuals on this message board.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, I watch the same individuals flame, belittle, browbeat, denigrate, and pretty much everything else to anyone and everyone.  That my friend is embarrassing.  Some call it free speech...well "yessirree patneer" you are correct, however, from the mouth pours the contents of the heart.  So sad...  I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTMAS and here is hoping your New Year brings peace to you and yours.

  9. kd4mxe

    kd4mxe QRZ Member QRZ Page

    w1ron this guy never miss spell  a  word Before i guess, But  He was Ready to criticize another , and some Hams are good at that , and  that is the embarrassing thing about ham radio,
  10. KE4SKY

    KE4SKY Ham Member QRZ Page

    You guys are taking this all too seriously. Lighten up. He's a twit journalist with wet toilet paper for brains for gosh sake.

    All of you are giving him exactly the attention he craves by reacting to this at all.

    You will far make impact by simply cancelling your TIME subscription than by writing nasty grams to them.

    Good or bad, they like to hear from readers. They crave controversy. It means that somebody read their stuff. No reaction is worse for them better than a negative reaction.

    When they are running a whorehouse, there's no such thing as bad publicity!
  11. W4RPE

    W4RPE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes Sir; I have to agree with the rest of you all. I am not embarassed by my hobby. I enjoy it very much. I just wish that the editor would go to a club and learn what Ham Radio is all about.

  12. KA5SIG

    KA5SIG Ham Member QRZ Page

  13. KY5U

    KY5U Ham Member QRZ Page

    To Time Magazine Editors:


    In comments related to "Blog of the Year", Mr. Lev Grossman said, “Before this year, blogs were a curiosity, a cult phenomenon, a faintly embarrassing hobby on the order of ham radio and stamp collecting. .."

    As an Amatuer Radio operator, the only thing I have found to be "faintly embarrasing" are the occasions when I open my big mouth without knowing what I am talking about. Luckily another Ham operator will usually remind me of my stupidity and I move on. I suggest a simular support mechanism for Mr. Grossman.

  14. W7DME

    W7DME Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's green on St. Patty's day!


    Mike - K7OV
  15. W1PEV

    W1PEV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hold the phone pal, or should I say unkey the mic for a second. The author has every right to comment on what he believes is correct. Lets face it, go on 75 meters any night of the week and listen to the antics. Is it any different from CB circa 1977?

    Bump into most HAMs at a flea market and Ill guarantee their sideburns are white, if they have sideburns at all. IE. The attrition rate of the hobby is overtaking the hobby itself.

    We're now using internet connections with factory made equipment to make a contact and we're proud of it (IRLP). This is neither "Amateur" nor "Radio".

    Most operators dont understand how to operate (either verbally of equipment wise). IE. Using 50 watts to hit a repeater down the street or using the word "QTH" on FM.

    The ARRL is hell bent on spending the dues money from their membeship to overpaid lobbiests on moot issues (IE. Restrictions and Covenants) when they should be concerned with whether or not we will have a hobby ten years from now. When digital radio come down the pike, say goodbye to RF.

    I could go on and on.

    Lets face it, we may not like what the guy wrote but his perception is the perception of the general public.

    Ill bet you an FT-847 that the last time you told someone from the general public that you were a HAM, they responded with...."You mean like a CBer?"

    73 de Paul
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