Ham Radio is "faintly embarrasing?"

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KV9Y, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. KV9Y

    KV9Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    While TIME magazine has previously held rather high literary stature, a recent article demands its position be re-evaluated.

    In TIME's honoring of their Blog Of The Year, Lev Grossman writes "Before this year, blogs were a curiosity, a cult phenomenon, a faintly embarrassing hobby on the order of ham radio and stamp collecting." Ham, or amateur radio has never been "embarrasing" and the people who are members of this world-wide fraternity should be proud of thier hobby, not embarrased.

    The above excerpt is from the TIME website:http://www.time.com/time/press_releases/article/0,8599,1009842,00.html There is a full press release about "Blog Of The Year" but only TIME subsribers are allowed to view it on-line.

    If this is indeed Mr. Grossman's view, then the editors at TIME need to be informed that while ham radio is in no way embarrasing, a publication such as TIME should not allow such a statement to be published. Their e-mail address is letters@time.com

    Ken Linder - KC7RAD
  2. KI4BBL

    KI4BBL Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can view the section of the article that mentions ham radio. click on the previous link, go to "edit" on the menu bar, click find, and look up "radio" It will take you right to it. The comment is, however, ignorance, sheer ignorance.
  3. N0OV

    N0OV Guest

    Welcome to the world.

    I agree that having Ham Radio has a hobby is not embarrasing in the least.

    However, in the world of mobile phones, internet, plastic cards and liberal credit the "I want it now" crowd views what we do for fun as a little odd.

    Why would anyone anyone want to purchase radios, string wire, place antennas and call for hours with no guarantee someone on the other end will reply when all you have to do is push a button.

    "chirp chirp - can you hear me now"

    On a more positive note, the few who are joining the ranks often don't have electronics background. This means in order to get the license they actually had to pick up a few books and learn about something they never been exposed to.
  4. KC7JTY

    KC7JTY Banned QRZ Page

    Speak for yourself. I'm sure there are many that disagree with you.
  5. KC8VJD

    KC8VJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I find the comment totally apalling to be honest. How many times have phone lines and other communications mediums been down during disasters and we have been there to help out? Whoever wrote this article needs to learn more about ham radio before making such comments!
  6. N0OV

    N0OV Guest

    Ok, we're embarrasing geeks until we're needed.

    Then we are classified has helpful embarrasing geeks [​IMG]
  7. WB9GKZ

    WB9GKZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, of course we are "embarrassing".  Think about it.....

    Our mode of communication (analog radio) predates 8-track tape, television and the popularity of automobiles.

    Our method of communication involves miles of wire and cable in our backyards, noisey heat-producing equipment, interfering with other devices in our neighborhood.

    Our "look" includes many members that smell bad and drive personal scooters.....just visit the local swapmeet.

    Our demographic is built upon the White Male...not in concert with today's Diverse Culture.

    Our spouses and offspring shun us while we sit in dimly-lit rooms talking to strange voices or beeps.

    I personally embrace all that is amateur radio (as stated above).....I am proud to be "embarrassing".
  8. W5LE

    W5LE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I did send Time an email:
    I haven't a clue where Lev Grossman acquired enough stupidity to make such a ridiculous statement about ham radio and stamp collecting being "faintly embarrassing". Who does
    this person think rises to the occasion when natural disasters take their toll, establishing
    emergency communications and such? The ham radio operator...
    I'll not labor the issue, I just want to say that, as a ham radio operator, and as a member of the human race, we've more reason to be "faintly embarrassed" by personages such as Lev Grossman than we do of Ham Radio Operators.
    Gene Lewis
    Mounds, OK
  9. VE3XEM

    VE3XEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Attached is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Time. Hopefully it says it all . . .

    "I'm sure I join members of the philatelic community, as well as those of us who are amateur radio operators, in finding myself somewhat insulted by having my avocation described as "faintly embarrassing."

    The contributions made by amateur radio operators around the world in times of disaster are well known and recognized.

    Now, hanging all your private thoughts out in a blog, for all to see on the Internet . . . that really is embarrassing.

    I think an apology from Mr. Grossman would be in order.

    Peter Carss VE3XEM
    Ottawa Canada"
  10. K2WH

    K2WH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just sent my displeasure to Time. Threatened to cancel my subscription unless they retract or apologize for their uninformed statement. Told them they just angered about 600,000 hams in the US and millions around the world.

    Yes sirree. I'll not spend another $ 25.00 with them. That will make them listen. Yes siree.

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