Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by KC8FCW, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. W5CMP

    W5CMP Guest

  2. KC0WCM

    KC0WCM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    thats a tech statement if ive ever heard one 10 meter is a very popular band. even at the bottom of the sunspot cycle!
  3. KF4MGZ

    KF4MGZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've been a NCT since 1996, and spend most of my time listening, not just on the bands on which I've been authorized, but on HF as well. I key the mike on 2M once in a while, but most of my enjoyment of radio is listening. I never upgraded because mostly I've never really planned to do a lot of talking on HF.

    As a NCT who's never passed a MC test, I have to say I'm sad to see it go. I've always liked the exclusivity of amateur radio. CW has long been a tradition and I don't think CW will go away, of course, but it's sort of like letting kids get drivers licenses just because their old enough, not by demonstrating any knowledge of how to drive a car.

    I hope that the result of all this will be that more people are encouraged to participate in amateur radio. HF and particularly 10M will probably be a bit crazy for a while, but 10M has been used illegally for quite a while anyway.

    I'd really like to see that since they're taking away the code test that the remaining tests become more of a challenge. There are always going to be newbies out there, whether they know code or not, but it would be good to make it still an achievement to get to General and Extra class.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    The new folks coming in I don't think have Nothing to do with the "Dumbing Down" that has happened already. In fact, people that have their extra ticket have done more to get the service cheapened than any so called NCT's.

    I hope you are right ! I think that they will cry and whine about getting rid of the test next, then,,,


    ~# SQUEEEL ~#@! SQUAWWK !!! ~!#
  5. N1JBS

    N1JBS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am wondering- whats worse "breaker breaker 20 meters " or listening to someone urinating in their bathroom on 75 meters am?

    I suppose it could be worse- or better....
  6. KA2A

    KA2A Ham Member QRZ Page

    My opinion is that the R+O is a win win situation for amateur radio.  CW operating is not going away.  If you love CW then stick with it.  As far as 10 meters becoming just like 11 meters, Technicians are restricted to using 28.300-28.500 for phone and 28.00-28.300 for CW, RTTY and data.  Extra, Advanced, and General classes have the additional use of 28.500-29.700 for CW, phone and image.  In addition the Technician will also be able to use 3525-3600 CW only, 7025-7125 CW only, and 21.025-21.200 CW only.  It seems to me that might inspire some people to use CW on these newly acquired frequencies.  As far as the testing procedure is concerned the MC questions work very well from a VE's standpoint.  If any of you think that an applicant can memorize an entire question pool with approximately 900 questions, I think that assumption is incorrect.  Most people that I have seen coming to a VE session have studied to the best of their ability.  Some pass, some fail, But all learn from their experience.  Hopefully this will encourage more people into the hobby and others to upgrade their license.  It wasn't a "cake walk" for me to attain my Extra class license and it won't be "easy as pie" for most others.  Only time will tell but operators that couldn't grasp CW now will be able to advance in our great hobby of amateur radio.

  7. W0LPQ

    W0LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    "In fact, people that have their extra ticket have done more to get the service cheapened than any so called NCT's." So quoted UZR.

    Thank You ... I guess all my efforts over the last 2+ years as an Extra is wasted ... but not the previous 38+ as a General. It would appear that those who I have elmered over the last 2+ years has been a waste.

    Shame isn't it.

    Interesting the things you learn here. Me thinks it is time to just let it go. As I have stated time and time again ... if the new guys bring an attitude with them on HF, I think it will be lonely.

    Bill, W0LPQ/9
  8. N2MUM

    N2MUM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Trix are for kids. Thanks
  9. N5FOG

    N5FOG Ham Member QRZ Page

    The petition to undue the R&O will be reviewed by the FCC for about 10 seconds and then stuck in the back of a filing cabinet. Anyone who thinks the FCC is going to turn this around is in total denial.

    The old timers had a chance to keep the code for the extra class license but they didn't want to give an inch of meaningful HF privileges to anyone who didn’t pass a code test.

    They should have realized that code testing was in trouble after the ITU dropped the code requirement in 03. So instead of being reasonable and sending a petition to the FCC to seek just dropping the code test for the general, you had groups like SPAR and FISTS who sent in petitions to the FCC demanding they BUMP THE CODE BACK TO 13 & 20 WPM and makes the written tests harder.

    Groups like FISTS and SPAR did this betting if they took such a hard-line stance the FCC would just leave the code alone. Well as we all can see they lost that bet.

    The code is gone for good, if you cannot deal with it seek some counseling and if that doesn't help then find another hobby.

    Eric KC5FOG
  10. KB0TRN

    KB0TRN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting the things you learn here. Me thinks it is time to just let it go. As I have stated time and time again ... if the new guys bring an attitude with them on HF, I think it will be lonely.

    I do think most of the attitude is coming from the the people already on HF, not the new hams.

    It all a seperation of class. and thumbing yur noses up at someone and looking down upon someone else just to make yourself feel better. the FCC just leveled the playing field for everyone. we all need new blood in the hobby.javascript:emoticon ('[​IMG]')
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