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QSO Today Podcast interview with George Allison, K1IG

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by 4Z1UG, Mar 10, 2019.

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  1. KH2TJ

    KH2TJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. KH2TJ

    KH2TJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    KG6AAY - the old MARS station out on Guam was located at the back end of South Finegayan housing area when I landed on the island in the mid 80's and was completely abandoned. I grabbed an old tower laying on the ground and used it while living in the housing area. MARS (I'm sure it was in use BUT) was pretty much dead out there. South Finn was slated to be torn down to make room for when 3rd MarDiv leaves Okinawa and relocates to Guam/CNMI....73, Todd KH2TJ
  3. K7CTR

    K7CTR Ham Member QRZ Page

    K7CTR 'CTR' here. Stationed at:

    NSGA Homestead (Homestead AFB, FL)
    NSGA Sabana Seca (Puerto Rico)
    NSGA Hanza (Torii Station Okinawa)
    NSGA Northwest (in Southeast Chesapeake VA)
    NSGA Adak (Alaska)
    NTTC Pensacola (Pensacola, FL) Renamed the main road in to 'Chief's Way'. : )
    CRG Northwest
    DIRSUP (subs, surface and air)
    USS South Carolina CGN-37 (Outboard & Combat DF)

    Had a long and wonderful career. Been called a 'spook' a couple of times... : ) Got my NSA Silver morse code award. You just have to 'copy behind'. Had a friend back in the early 80's that said to be a really good 'R' brancher you had to be able to:

    Smoke a cigarette,
    Drink a cup of coffee,
    Carry on an intelligent conversation,
    and copy code at 30 WPM


    Those were wonderful times on the 'POS'. All NQ now.

    Best regards,

    CTRC(SW) USN Retired.
  4. KH2TJ

    KH2TJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Search out FRUPAC, run by USNCVA. Been a while since I caught one of their nets....Todd KH2TJ
  5. KH2TJ

    KH2TJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure when Co D rotated out of Hanza, but CO D MARSPTBN had moved to Galeta Island Panama by the late 80s. I was Okinawa - down the road at Camp Foster/Butler with HQBN 1st MAW. Sometime after I got out Marine Support BN changed name to Marine Cryptologic Support BN - guess no one really knew what "Support BN" did! ;-) My TAD time with 1stRadBN landed me out in 29Stumps ;-( FYI - there's now 3 Radio BN's in the FMF, or Operating Forces, as it's now called. NC, CA, and Hawaii....73, Todd KH2TJ
  6. K2PHD

    K2PHD Ham Member QRZ Page

    There was also a Wallunbrenner (elephant cage) antenna at Sabana Seca in Puerto Rico.
  7. W5UAA

    W5UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I maintained the computers on the other side of the receivers from the FLR-9 at RAF Chicksands from 1986-1989.

    A goniometer is not a venereal disease! :)
  8. KE6SLS

    KE6SLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    This was an unexpected trip into the past...

    I was on Guam., NAVCAMSWESTPAC 1982-1984, then on the Blue ridge with 7th flt .. I had used google earth to look at the array on Guam several times, but just about a month ago, was shocked to see the entire array removed :(

    These were the days before the birds took over. I always maintained the best HF comms on all the boats I was sent to. I recall running comms for 7th flt since they couldn't get good rx at HF!

    Inside the array was a whole community of wokerbees busy exploiting RF activity. The T' brancers, R branchers, and us, the O branchers keeping them all linked. I loved spotting signals in real time, even back then, we usually had a bearing well under 60 seconds! We also had lots of company K marines with us then..

    And we used teletype and tape readers. I can still read the tape!

    Wow, the world has changed so much. God bless all you silly spooks!

  9. K4PKR

    K4PKR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was in the 2862 Ground Electronic Engineering Installation Agency (GEEIA) in 1966 and helped install the antenna at Karamursel, Turkey. My team worked 12 hour shifts for three months with only Christmas day off. GEEIA squadrond from all over the world provided teams to install this antenna.
    CMSgt P.K. Reid, ret.
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  10. K1TST

    K1TST XML Subscriber QRZ Page

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