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HRD Software, LLC celebrates 1 year anniversary

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by WJ6R, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. KB3NPH

    KB3NPH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The country files and the unique calls are and will always be updated for free. The information contained in those files is PUBLIC DOMAIN and can be gotten anywhere. When Ham Radio Deluxe LLC has the manpower to be able to take care of the massive programming responsibilities and also the small tasks, such as these databases, then there will be more frequent updates to these files. Until then, all the developers ask ask is that the operators take a little of the responsibility and either update the files on their own using the built-in editor in HRD, or just be patient until the guys at HRD can do it for the ones who are not capable of doing it themselves for one reason or another.
  2. KB3NPH

    KB3NPH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The problems you have mentioned have all been addressed. The Awards section has been completely rewritten to make it easier to find and display the information the DXers need. The DX Cluster operation is also being completely rewritten to add a lot of very nice features to it. When version 6 is released I'm sure you are going to enjoy the new features and enhancements to old features even more.
  3. G0VQY

    G0VQY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unfortunately I am another user who has had more problems since the upgrade than I ever did before. Don't misunderstand me, I absolutely love Ham Radio Deluxe, in fact one of my YouTube videos is one of the first ones that come up when you search for HRD. Being disabled has its difficulties, especially when trying to operate these modern transceivers that have lots of tiny little buttons and switches, ham radio Deluxe is an absolute godsend and I hardly touch my ICOM 7800 when operating now. However, there are still quite a few issues that are hounding me. I've already made a thread about this so I won't go into them here. Having said all of this, I will stick with Ham Radio Deluxe as I know that all these issues will be ironed out eventually, well hopefully they will. I don't even mind paying for a product if it works, I'd rather fork out a few quid then use free software that doesn't deliver the goods. Just my two cents :)
  4. KB3NPH

    KB3NPH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    This subject has been beaten to death, but I will be glad to explain it again. In previous Simon Brown versions, from the very first release of HRD Version 4 up to his last version 5.0 beta, an outdated, almost obsolete programming environment was used. When Ham Radio Deluxe LLC took over the software a year ago, the first thing they did was upgraded to a more modern programming environment. This upgrading led to a lot of incompatibility issues with the old code and introduced a lot of bugs. From Version 5.11a to the final FREE version,, there were over 800 bugs repaired and features that didn't work were rewritten to work properly. The upgrade to the more modern environment was a necessity in order to be able to create and install support for more modern radios, add new features. There has never been a program written that is completely "BUG FREE" and many commercial programs costing considerably more than the asking price for HRD contain bugs and problems. Look at Microsoft. Anyway, Simon Brown, himself, has commented that the final free version is the most reliable and stable version ever released. The 3 programmers at Ham Radio Deluxe LLC and the beta team are currently working very hard to make sure that Version 6 will be as "bug free" as humanly possible and I can assure you, although release dates have been missed, Version 6 is well worth being patient and waiting for.

    Thanks for your support.
  5. KB3NPH

    KB3NPH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just for information. I have decided to take on the task of keeping the unique call and the country databases updated. It will take me a couple days to get my resources set up but I will certainly try to give the loyal users of Ham Radio Deluxe what they are asking for. These updates, of course, are FREE for all HRD users, whether they purchase HRD or remain with the FREE version. You will be able to download them from the HRDSoftwareLLC website.

    73 and Good DXing
    Tim (KB3NPH)
    HRD Beta Test Team
  6. KF6ABU

    KF6ABU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Tim.
  7. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congratulations HRD. The new release would have been nice on the anniversary.

    I find some of this hard to believe;

    You should not blame Simon and say that 800 + Bugs had to be worked out.

    Most of the so called bugs were caused by the conversion and not the original code.

    HRD needs to get their Install working and Make sure users have the correct Runtime required software at Runtime.

    With all of the Version conflicts that HRD code has because of the conversion, It will never work on many systems as is.

    I have faith that the HRD Group will get it working.

    Good work HRD Group. Keep the good work coming.
  8. KB3NPH

    KB3NPH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sir, you need to read more carefully. I stated that Simon's LAST version was 5.0. The 800+ bugs and feature repairs began with version 5.11a to the present FINAL of 5.24.038. And yes, a lot were caused from the programming environment change. No one was putting any blame on Simon at all.

    Just wanted to clear that up.
  9. AC2FO

    AC2FO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Tim, only you don't seem to know what I have done to get it working, what is your position in the company at HRD? I have tried to get this to work since I purchased this computer, yes I posted a problem about Logbook glitch and you know the answer I got? They know about it and are working on it, really well do they plan on updating the free version or are they going to leave the glitch? Do you know why you dont see any posts from me from when Simon started HRD because I never had a issue and if I did i was able to resolve it on my own thru reading others replies.

    Now, recently I have read thru the posts about people with the same OS as me and having the same problems. I have tried there ideas installed software in C:/ drive, disabled uart, fldi chipset, reinstall earlier edition . So don't tell me I haven't tried or havent looked for them. I don't want the free version I am willing to pay for HRD. I have used HRD from basically it's inception as old or archiac as it was it worked great for me, Im complaining because the software doesn't work right, why would I buy software that I cant even get the free version to work.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2012
  10. AC2FO

    AC2FO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I would have to say then by that comment, Simon is getting senile. I never ever had any problems with his obsolete program. What assurance does someone have that HRD will work on their computer more times than not after they pay $70.00?

    You can go to the forum and see many un answered questions related to same problem I am having. So where did you say free users can get help at?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2012
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