Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. AA1MN

    AA1MN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Uh oh, who's being elitist now?

    Not for nothing, but the persons who buy FRS and CB radios often love the mystery of who could be on the other end next and love their hobby despite negative people as well.

    Understanding works both ways.

    Chuck, AA1MN
  2. K9KLC

    K9KLC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bravo Chuck...That was well put...73 de KB9KLC
  3. W8KIR

    W8KIR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I remember when everyone thought that 2 meters would turn into CB. But as I see it, it is 80/75 meters that have turned into CB. Just listen to it. And by the way it's mostly old farts that cause most of the problems. And they had to have their code for that band. I don't see eliminating the code causing any problems. Doomsday won't happen just because they dropped code. By the way, I'm an old fart with over 40 years in Ham Radio.

    Bill, n0mbw
  4. WA3HJJ

    WA3HJJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    :)  IF IT'S NOT CW...IT'S JUST CB...
  5. KB9YZE

    KB9YZE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Last time I checked you didn't need to be tested to be on the CB.
  6. K4HCA

    K4HCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who cares what the Canadians think. I don't know of a single, solitary thing that the Canadians have ever come up with that would make the United States a better place. They are just a micro-second removed from socialism.

    If a prospective amateur doesn't care enough to get a 5 WPM license, he/she isn't going to contribute to the Amateur Service anyway. Who needs them.

    Harold K4HCA

  7. K1CPD

    K1CPD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just think if they drop the code all of us who know code can get on the bands and talk about them on CW and they won't have a clue [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  8. W8LIO

    W8LIO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I could really care less if the usa drops the code requirement or not, however I think its silly that that people think morse code is some kind of special thing that makes a ham in the hell does code make you any better of a ham than someone with a technician license?
    It doesn't...the thing that makes a ham better is knowledge of the rules,regulations and operating procedures.
    I think if the code is dropped, the rules should get tougher and the tests should be more difficult. Honestly, I would like the general test to be around 50 questions and extra class test to be 100 questions, with heavy electronic theory and mathematics...basically make it so the person taking the test actually has to work at it....and not just breeze through it.....thats what will make a ham....not code. Dit dah dit does that teach a new ham how to behave or operate a station properly? Once again, it doesn't do that.

    I've seen a couple people mention cb radio and ham radio.....the thing that seperates the hams and the cb'ers is the fcc and their rarely hear anything about a cb'er getting busted for running a illegal amplifiier or radio frequency and the same goes for ham radio...hell, listen to that crappy 147.435 repeater in california, everyone on that stupid repeater jams and swears, its worse than any cb station I've ever what has the fcc done about it? I don't wanna hear crap about morse code screwing up ham radio when the fcc can't even do their job properly.
    If you let someone get away with illegal activities,others will follow and do the same and when you have no consequences for them, they have no urge to listen to the rules.
    So, if you want a better ham radio world, you gotta have better rules and enforcement.

    Morse code doesn't make or break the operator, in fact I know people who could learn morse code in a day, but couldn't pass a written test if they tried. and once again, as far as cb'ers go..... most of them wouldn't have the intelligence to pass a written test.
  9. VE7NGR

    VE7NGR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I suppose if you want to draw attention to your ignorance, that's your business. In the meantime, you might want to look here and here for a partial list of Canadian inventions, many of which you no doubt use every day.
  10. W6FYK

    W6FYK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good for Canada and rest of world.CW is just a mode.Stop whining and bring more hams in for emergency work and fun.
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