Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. VE2ZOK

    VE2ZOK Ham Member QRZ Page

    From one of the sissies in the North...First of all everything works by supply and demand. Also, you fine Americans profess to freedom being of utmost importance and freedom world wide . Please then, practise what you preach. Be tolerant of others and allow freedom to take it's course. When something or some system is protected by restraining rules, it usually ends up dying or disappearing. Morse code will always exist as a matter of fact there are people in our sissie radio club who can rattle of 18 words per minute. I haven't heard that very often down south. There are many aspects of our radio and all have to be respected. The real danger some day will not come the Hams but from the government. They will eventually steal your bands and frequencies. God Luck to all domains and all people everywhere
  2. N4LI

    N4LI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, but how does all of this relate to making a Fan Dipole?


    Peter, N4LI
  3. VE3IOS

    VE3IOS Ham Member QRZ Page

    We already do. Don't expect this change anytime soon people, things move slow in the frozen tundra [​IMG]
  4. N7WSB

    N7WSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Everyone said the same thing back when no-code tech came along (end of amateur radio, end of the world etc). None of it ever came true and I'll tell you why: no one is that interested in amateur radio on any scale that really makes a difference. There are no masses waited at the gates to get on hf or amateur radio in general. You could give away extra class licenses at the street corner - I'd bet money no-one would do anything with them. A lot of this stems from the undisputable fact that we are so much better connected today then we were 10-15 years ago. When I want to make a phone call when I'm out and about I use my mobile phone - it works great, I can use it for anything I like and its cheap. When I want to send electronic mail I have a 3 megabit cable line (that a million times faster than 1200 baud packet radio). You get the point.

    People will disagree with this statement - even though its pretty much what was said back in the early 90's in QST magazine (they used giving away extra class tickets at the superbowl as an example though). Tuning across the bands you'll hear traffic, but not nearly as much as it used to be. In Portland (population over a million) there are more than 50 repeaters around here, however only two or three are ever used with any constancy.
  5. AA1MN

    AA1MN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why do those who complain about change in amateur radio continue to be operators?

    When you got your license did you expect that regulations would remain the same forever?  For that matter, do you expect anything in this world of ours doesn't change?

    Don't amateur radio operators count the ability to adapt to changing situations one of their strong points?

    Hmm, guess not ... and to think so many of you berate CBers who are so much more adaptable -- you never hear them complaing about the inevitable demise of CW requirements do you?

    Chuck, AA1MN
  6. NF0A

    NF0A Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sometimes somethings need to be said due to the thoughtless comments of some ops...What you just posted may offend some snotty ones here which thank goodness, are in the minority...I hope you get your wish as so you can get on the air and show them "Children haters " You can be an example code or no-code! I have read the postings and i get very amused at some of the assinine comments thats benn going on for YEARS!!! ans so what? I use code when i can especially in difficult conditions and just for fun and who cares if the rest of the world goes no-code as most more mature then a lot of HAMS in the U.S.A>!!!< Quit griping and continue operating instead of giving ulcers to everyone else including this trucker who is ill...
    `nuff said... [​IMG]
  7. NF0A

    NF0A Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some of us "spoiled brats" down here just don`t learn.... [​IMG] Well said... [​IMG]
  8. VE7NGR

    VE7NGR Ham Member QRZ Page

    An amateur licence is a privilege, not a right. There's no connection between freedom and the morse requirement.

    Then you must not spend much time in the CW portions of the band. 18 wpm is pretty slow on either side of the border (I certainly wouldn't call it "rattling off").

    Personally, I love CW, I think everyone should learn it, but I don't really care too much if the requirement stays or goes.
  9. K7BEN

    K7BEN Ham Member QRZ Page

    You people make me sick.  You HF elitists don’t want anyone bothering you on your bands.  If you want privacy then pick up the telephone.  This is supposed to be a hobby for everyone.  It’s post like the ones above that is the reason that I have not even wasted my time learning an antiquated tradition.  My dad was a radioman in the Navy and even he says that Morse code is worthless now days.  I have been able to work many digital signals that I could not even hear audibly.  So you can’t tell me that Morse code “gets out” further than anything else.  What separates us from CB, FRS,GMRS is that we care about radio.  We love the mystery of who could be on the other end next and we truly love our hobby despite all of the negative people.  The persons who buy FRS/CB radio’s just want to talk to their kids and their “good buddies” in the car near them for a cheap price.  As hams we know all of our equipment inside and out because that’s what we love.  Don’t get me wrong I have all the respect in the world for people who took the time to try Morse code.  But it’s no different than the people who had to take the extra step to setup elaborate packet networks and design their own antennas.   Just because I don’t care for your part of the hobby doesn’t make me any less of a ham than you.  

    vk3txz  said it best “Learning the code is like learning to shoe a horse to get a drivers license”

    K7BEN – That’s my opinion we welcome yours.
  10. W7NB

    W7NB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Remember guys, we ultimately will get the last laugh -

    After all, when the HF bands are so congested that DX is nearly impossible to work (both ways) becaues the country with the highest concentration of no codes just joined in the fray the rest of the world will wish they had never opened the floodgate.

    Guess I had best get off my backside and earn my extra -at least there will be some sanctuary in the lower portion of the bands.
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