Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. VE8NSD

    VE8NSD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sure lots of Americans worried about what's going on up north. Lots of guys worried that no code operators will be like CB'ers. Hmmm... Most of the terrible operating I've heard was done by bitter, angry old men who passed a tough tech exam AND passed a tough CW test.
    I passed the CW test, turned out I was good for 12wpm but only needed 5. I'm no genius. I worked hard for about 45 minutes an evening for about two weeks. I did it with a two year old tugging at me and a wife talking at me. I did it, anyone can do it. I never use CW, and I may never use it again, but I support it being a qualification to get HF priviledges. Anyone who can't get it together enough to learn a measly 5wpm doesn't want it bad enough. There's plenty of internet chat rooms for those who can't learn CW. Those of us that can have HF.
    Garth VE8NSD
  2. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK here's my deal.

    I am from Canada and have family living there that I visit occasionally.

    According to IC I must operate my Amateur Radio equipment when visiting Canada authorized under the reciprocal operating agreement between Can/US.

    It also indicates that I must operate according to the same privileges as the "basic qualification."

    Am, I to conclude that I will be able to operate HF while in Canada but not while I am operating in the US ?


    Charles - KC8VWM /VE3
  3. VE7NGR

    VE7NGR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Charles, I just answered this on eHam, but here it is again:

    - The reciprocal agreement gives you the privileges of an Advanced licence, not a Basic licence.

    - You would probably be entitled to operate HF while in Canada should the code requirement be removed. However, the RAC proposal recommends more than just dropping the code. Among other things, they have proposed adding an Intermediate licence to the current Basic and Advanced. The Intermediate would be required for HF privileges. If this happens, then it remains to be seen what equivalencies the reciprocal agreement will offer. You may very well be in the same situation you are in now - or not, who knows?

    - If you were to pass a code test, you could operate HF in both the US and Canada now.

    - This is still a good deal for you. Our code test requires 3 consecutive minutes each of sending and receiving, with a 100% pass mark. No "fill in the blanks". So you would get HF privileges in Canada more easily than the holder of a Canadian licence.

    - CW is fun!
  4. KJ5T

    KJ5T Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Now that I took my morse code test, and passed it.. I would care less if the code goes away or stays. I certainly don't care what happens with it in Canada. Thats their business..

    Yeah I know, I am a general light.. and soon to be an extra light.. but I love ham radio, and I stay active.. and will be using ham radio for the rest of my life (because I believe it will be around till the end of time)..

    For those that have problems with the hobby.. and want to complain about it dying.. get on your radio.. and enjoy! No reason to complain.. the hobby is doing fine..
  5. WL7LZ

    WL7LZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is so funny.

    Mark WL7LZ
  6. N9CJT

    N9CJT Ham Member QRZ Page

    More mature, eh?  Like the maturity of redefining marriage to include things recognized as abominations for forty centuries?  I'd rather do without that kind of maturity, thank you.
  7. N8FQ

    N8FQ Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. KB4YKJ

    KB4YKJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was a licensed CBer in 1966 when you had to pay $20 for 4 years (KQP-4610). I then become licensed as a WA4 but let it expire when I divorced my nightmare and had to sell equipment to finance that move.

    I had to start over as a novice (KB4YKJ) in the mid 80s but shortly after suffered 5 heart attacks, a stroke, diabetes and a blood clot in the brain. It has left me with memory problems, panic attacks, etc.

    It took almost 2 years of serious trying to upgrade from Novice to Tech just getting tech 3 weeks ago. I am a serious respectful operator and do not feel I should be penalized from operating the General bands because a bunch of bitter old men want to sing "the way we were" song. I also agree, I hear more profanity and rudeness on the code required HF bands than I do on 2 meters. It's time to revamp the requirements.
  9. N8QGC

    N8QGC Ham Member QRZ Page


    I normally don't reply to nonsense like this but I feel the need to.

    To our neighbors to the north, sorry that some of my countrymen are of primative intellect and can't seem to express their feelings without attacking you on some level.

    Personally I think that Canada is a great country, it gave me the two things that I love the most..  Molson Ice, and Ice Hockey!

    Back on thread, it seems to me that this is a long dead issue. The FCC will do what it will do. Comments have been submitted and with Powell Jr. gone maybe we'll get something done.

    Since their are those out there who will ask I'll give you some background, I was first licensed in Oct of 1991 as a no code tech. Never dreamed I'd go any further, I wanted to operate on satellites and this is all the license I needed. Worked all the DX that I wanted, it was great. But here in the Detroit area I had hams around me that did more the just attack me personally because I was a "Cordless Tech" they encouraged me to upgrade. They got me involved in field day, guest operating during sweeps etc..

    I became a General in September 2002, took my 5 wpm element 1 and the General element theory in the same setting. The next month, October 2002 I passed my Extra theory and am a full fledged Extra class. Does this make me better then anyone else, no way!

    To those of you who say different, the FCC printed these words on my license "Amateur Extra" under operating privileges. I am not an "Extra Light" I"m an Extra Class Licensee peroid. You all need to get over that!

    For what it's worth, I had no intention of ever operating CW. But a funny thing happend, again with the help of great hams who where more interested in elmering then being unsufferable s*&theads! I was meeting with some club members in the 40 meter novice portion of the band twice a week for a CW sched. I now can be found anywhere between 160 and 10 meters in SSB or CW. As a matter of fact I have almost as many CW QSO's in my log as I do SSB. My average code speed is somewhere around 15 Wpm..

    So my point is simple, don't act the way some of you do. We CB'ers can be fine operators if given the chance. I have a lot of paper hanging on my wall DXCC etc.. but the one I'm most fond of is my A-1 Operator Club certificate. Evidentally someone thought I was a good op.

    Lastly, a simple saying. "CW does not make the operator, the operator makes the CW."

    Now go ahead, flame me... and for God's sake can't we all just get along! [​IMG]
  10. K8SWL

    K8SWL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who really cares. Radio as we know it is and will continue to radically change. Having a knowledge of CW will not change it's path.

    sign me disgruntled.
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