Al Quaida wins over Ham Radio?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KA0TP, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. W9WHE

    W9WHE Ham Member QRZ Page

    KB1HTW writes:

    Quote (W9WHE @ May 23 2006,12:15)

    While I can't find a "cite" that the original poster cites as an authoritative quote (I'm shocked) searching for  "bush quote constitution piece of paper" at Google returns a hell of a lot of web SITEs that refer to it..."

    One kook on a far left website says it, so all the rest believe its gosphel. The other kooks then repeat it over and over, as if it were "irefutable", as W6EM asserts. As Adolph Eichman said, "tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth".
    Ubran legend. Internet Hoax. Call it what you will. The rest of us just call it "BS".
  2. W9WHE

    W9WHE Ham Member QRZ Page

    AB7X writes:

    "Look out, Lee, for you are dealing with some fairly above average idiots here!"

    (Typical liberal name calling)

    Well, if I am an "idiot" and I am so easily able to point out how silly and devoid of factual basis W6EM's assertions are, what does that make W6EM?.


    "What [W6EM] mostly acheived is a blow to their primitive, 'patriotic' pride. One must watch how one deals with those who suffer from testosterone poisoning in support of Corporate Government!"

    So anyone that disagrees with a liberal is suffering from TOO MUCH testosterone? If what you say is true, what does that say about testosterone levels in liberals?

  3. KB6SSN

    KB6SSN Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is not the NASA you grew up with! It has been gutted and replaced with politically correct diversity nazis! Gone are the days of brave men stretching the envelope of human endeavor! Here are the days of "can't we all just get along and eat some quiche" wimps in space!
  4. KB6SSN

    KB6SSN Ham Member QRZ Page

    You should thank God for liberals! What else are we going to eat during times of famine? [​IMG]
  5. KY0TE

    KY0TE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Keep it up, this is better than going to watch the primates at the zoo! You guys are too funny.

    *where's that peanut vendor when ya need one!*
  6. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    And, add to that LOL!  Some of the best morphs yet.  Amazing, when you consider Bush's resemblance to both a chimpanzee and Alfred E. Newman and how his actions or inactions validate both resemblances.

    I guess I'd better respond to SHOUTING Jonathan. Ever wonder why he doesn't use his name, only his call as his signature?  Oops, that's a personal attack.

  7. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jonathan, my goodness, you don't need to shout. You're going to get Neo Con Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you keep it up.

    Actually, a high level GOP friend who shall remain anonymous told me. There are a few Republicans who don't like some of the things Bush is doing and they do talk.

    Getting very close to the release of the Karl Rove indictment as well, supposedly, according to a recent discussion.

    There will probably be a few Bush plum jobs (or is that plumber jobs?) open in the near future. If you want me to drop your name, let me know. W9WHE, of course, would just draw a "whuzzzzzat?"
  8. W9WHE

    W9WHE Ham Member QRZ Page

    W6EM wrote:

    "In my departure, I'll leave you with one thing that Dubyah said (quoted, irrefutably) that really lit my fire and still does to this day: "I don't care about the Constitution, it's just a G** D*** piece of paper!!"

    After being pressed for a "relaible cite" for this so-called "irrefutable" quote, W6EM responded:

    "Actually, a high level GOP friend who shall remain anonymous told me"

    UhHuh. Sure. What a surprise. NO "irrefutable" cite. NO reliable cite. So much for W6EM's credibillity. Once again, Lee, it appears that you invented facts (in this case, a quote) to suit your hate-driven, anti-Bush adjenda. Once again, you have made yourself look pretty darn foolish. Perhaps you should stop repeating, as "irrefutable", the hate-driven garbage you read on your far-left, hate-filled blogs.

    No gloating. Enough said.

  9. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jonathan, we'd better cool it. I'll bet if you fitted yourself with your paramedic-issue shpygnomanometer (SP?) and checked your BP it would be off the scale.

    I'd hate to feel like I caused a cardiac event in anyone. Sorry, my sources are confidential. Irrefutable, yes.

    You'll get your chance to see how the public feels about Bush's antics soon. Maybe not so much in the primaries, but for sure, come November. Even old Denny Hastert himself had better drink lots of Slimfast between now and then. His chiding Bush on the Justice Department's illegal search of a Representative's Office just won't be enough to regain lost GOP credibility smongst conservative voters. Bush conservative? Heck, even Lyndon Johnson was a conservative when compared to Bush. Laura probably balances their checkbook, since the MBA in the house is a spendthrift.

    Have a quiet afternoon, Jonathan.


    PS. Personally, I think Congressman Jefferson's 'history' on evidence already legally obtained. However, Hastert probably doesn't like the specter of someone else's office, like, maybe, Tom Delay's being searched next...... LOL Hey, maybe he's afraid the "Duke" Cunningham is talking loud and long about his get an extra cookie in prison camp.
  10. W9WHE

    W9WHE Ham Member QRZ Page

    W6EM writes:

    "Sorry, my sources are confidential.  Irrefutable, yes"

    TRANSLATION: He made it all up.
    Even at the Liberal New York Times, there is NO SUCH THING as a "irrefutable confidential source". Jason Blair at the NYT tried that same sphiel and he got FIRED as a disgraced journalist that fabricated HIS sources. If the NYT REFUSED to "trust" Jason Blair (a respected journalist) and his so-called "irrefutable confidential" sources, why should we trust W6EM?
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