A NEW FT8 with QSO and Rag Chew capabilities called FT8CALL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NN2X, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. W0PV

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    Just joined the IO group, downloaded the latest package, installed and made first FT8CALL QSO (with K5MQ) Quite impressive!

    It should be explained that your technique for sending long form text, unlike WSJT-X, appears to use successive 15s transmission cycles, separated by the short time out, to complete one side of the message; not the accustomed "back and forth" between stations every cycle. That makes sense and the experience much more like other "free form" digital modes, and appealing.

    Question - the JT / FT mode requires the transmission cycles to be sync'ed within a tolerance of about 0.2s. This is normally done by setting the xmit and rcv PC clocks to a real time universal reference. Could FT8CALL be made to instead auto sync the rcvrs local PC clock relative to any random leading edge of a xmsn detected from a particular station heard? That would make it more flexible and push back on those purist FT8 critics that say the external PC clock sync requirement makes it not a real "all radio" digi mode.

    73, John, WØPV
  2. KN4CRD

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    Understood Barry, but like I said above, this is software that is in active development and not yet ready for general consumption. There's no way I expect the general ham public to jumping through those hoops. Early adopters will, no problem.

    This mailing list is announcement only, though. No user messages. There are chatrooms for that.

    Either way. Look out for future updates when a general release is available. Until then, have fun.

    Jordan / KN4CRD
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  3. KN4CRD

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    Thanks John. Clock tolerance is 2 seconds not 0.2

    I'm working on some ideas for a more flexible decoder, but likely a long-term goal ;)

    In the meantime, I ignore those purists and complete my transcontinental QSO using real sentences at -20dB :)
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  4. W0PV

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    GROUPS.IO has become the default message board for those migrating from or abandoning Yahoo Groups, which has a bad reputation and uncertain future. Several Yahoo Groups that I am/ was a member of have moved in the last year or so.

    Also, both Yahoo Groups and GROUPS.IO allow members to turn off all or all but special notice emails. However their default is to send ALL emails. A member simply has to go into their profile and change the preferences. I get almost ZERO emails since doing that long ago. A shortcut on the desktop launches a browser to go to the group web page when I desire to see it.
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  5. K8XG

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    I'm still seeing trees...This allowed me to download the source code to compile, but I did not find a compiled windows install file? I dont have a compiler for windows, only can run make on linux.
  6. K8XG

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  7. AE5SB

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    Will this run on Win 7 ?
  8. KN4CRD

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  9. AE5SB

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    guess it will , i got so lets see what happens
  10. K8XG

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    Ok, installed, set CAT to my ft-991 and the beacon works on 20 meters 14.080/ 1200 on the waterfall. I think this is going to be great and has FSQ like commands in it.

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