Portable HF gear in a small footprint

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K5QBF, Apr 14, 2021.

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  1. SV0SGS

    SV0SGS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great presentation! Keeping things minimalist is a virtue. But I can top that! I use a Yaesu FT-891 and a 12Ah LiFePO4 battery. My antennas are are mono-band EFHW antennas (10, 15 and 20 meters) with an adjustment stub f(no "tuner" or bulky matchbox necessary) or adjusting SWR in different situations. (www.lambdahalbe.de). I also use a spiderbeam telescope mast. I have two, each 12 meters long. Since I live on a rocky island, using tent pegs is an exercise in frustration. I use masking tape (temporary, leaves no residue) to attach the antenna wire to the mast and lean it against a convenient tree, maybe use some cordage to lash it to some branches. Sometimes I lash it to my motor scooter if the wind is not too strong. I have about 15 feet of RG58 coax, too. Everything, icnluding power cable for radio, but excluding the spiderbeam mast, fits into a small backpack, and I still have room for a couple of sandwhiches and beer. I use my phone to do lookups on qrz.com. I can't do CW so I am limited to SSB/phone. Digital work in a portable situation is too messy and requires more pack space (laptop, audio interface, cables - lots of cables - not very fun). As I mentioned above, I live on a rocky island, so there is often a convenient rock that I can use as a table and chair. Sometimes I take a small foam pad along. A little softer than a rock and keeps any dampness away. Anyway, great video! We learn from each other! 73! SV0SGS
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  2. N7KO

    N7KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very good TU for showing. I also like the minimum gear. I am set up with my antenna, radio and a few comforts, like a folding stool, a 4X6 tarp my 1972 Schwinn 10 speed bicycle, my radio is the Mountain Topper MT4b, linked dipole along with a Buddipole vertical and a telescoping fiberglass pole.

    I ride some trails, go to parks and spend about 10 to 15 minutes setting up, I use a 9 volt pocket radio battery for power.
    Make plenty of contacts through out the country and DX contact. I do run a lot of power 4.5 watts when battery is fresh, but after several hours my voltage drops, and when it drops to around 6.8 volts I am putting out about .8 watts, which brings me down into the QRPp category.

    My whole setup weighs around 12 pounds, not including the made in America 1972 Schwinn, it weighs 15 pounds.
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  3. F8WBD

    F8WBD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Actually, nothing wrong with having a minimalist "at-home" station too. Don't necessarily need racks and racks of equipment to have a QSO...even if you have the room. But that is another subject.
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  4. KI5ONL

    KI5ONL Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    nice! thanks for posting.
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  5. KL7IS

    KL7IS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's a trap!
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  6. AJ2I

    AJ2I Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nice video and good to see more hams getting out of the shack. I love SOTA myself. Keep it up!
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  7. N1KDO

    N1KDO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  8. K5QBF

    K5QBF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  9. AJ6KZ

    AJ6KZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think all the SOTA people reading this are probably thinking the same thing. :D

    But it was a great video!
  10. K5QBF

    K5QBF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I’m working on a sota setup that fits in a backpack. I’m sure the sota folks also know we don’t usually have to hike to activate a park lol.
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