Letter to the ARRL... by W6LG - Jim Heath Youtube Elmer

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by KI5MIT, Mar 30, 2021.

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  1. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pro Tip: Fast playback helps with slow thinkers.

    Poor Jim Heath seems to have a problem collecting his thoughts, making his complaint video nearly unwatchable. And yet, his approach is like several other HAM radio personalities we all encounter from time to time, who are under the delusion that their opinions carry special weight, and which need to be repeated for emphasis.

    In reality, such folks are like anyone else in the hobby, at the same level, and at the same credibility as anyone with an active, concerned philiosophy about Amateur Radio. He took a while to piece together an 11 minute complaint, and probably lost most of any audience in the first few minutes.

    Such people typically discount a critique like this as being an attack on the messenger. They remain resolute that their points have merit, and discount any feedback that would encourage a more effective way of resolving the problem they have. SO, enough about Jim Heath; was there anything to consider in what this individual had to say?

    Nothing that the leadership of the ARRL has not already heard.

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  2. KK1N

    KK1N Ham Member QRZ Page

    Any organization tasked with protecting and advancing the interests of their membership in the face of corporate hostility and regulatory indifference should be grateful that a member with some social media presence is making an effort to expand their ranks. "Why join the ARRL" is a perfectly legitimate question, and one where the answer should be at the collective fingertips of their executive leadership, lobbying, and public relations departments.

    If the head of this organization went before the agency which determines amateur radio's privileges with anything less than a cohesive, driven, and compelling standpoint, that's a huge problem. The League's members have every right to raise these concerns, however ham-fisted Jim's presentation may have been--the logo and tchotchkes may have been a bit much to get riled up about. But for them to simply write him off is profoundly disturbing, and the membership's acquiescence will only intensify the adversarial relationship between the League and its lifeblood (e.g. "at least they treat him the way they treat everybody else.") Hold the League to a higher standard. It's literally the point of their existence.

    P.S. The production value of Jim's video is irrelevant and skirts the issue at hand.
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  3. KE0GXN

    KE0GXN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sending coffee mugs to the "cool" tubers and becoming part of the "new normal" is apparently what the League is wanting to focus on these days. SMH
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  4. KB2YCW

    KB2YCW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I wondered why the second video that I have seen in less than a day has dropped on YouTube about why you should join the ARRL.
    I got sent the first one last night, Youtube suggested the second today. The timing seems a little dodgy to me after seeing this thread.

    The logo thing? a stretch.
    License fee issue? I think asking the leage what they did there is a fair question if that information isn't already out there. I haven't looked.
    Amateur radio being a service and calling it a "hobby" instead of a "service" is interesting and probably should be discussed.
    He argues that calling it a "hobby" insted of a "service" might give the commissioners the wrong idea.
    My take, I think there is a fair point on both sides and I think we should emphasise the importance of Amateur radio so when the FCC wants to juggle spectrum they don't look at us first.

    In my opinion, this is the sort of thing the league does to shoot itself in the foot.
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  5. WG7X

    WG7X Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    One opinion: An "Open Letter" to anyone should be just that. A written, edited, and hopefully cogent letter that concisely gets your point across in a short time.

    Eleven minutes of a rambling old man complaining? Heck if I wanted to hear that, I'd look in the mirror!

    Just for the record, I listened to some of it. I really did not want to waste my time after the first bit. I suspect that I'm not alone, based on the comments here...
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  6. KN4DQE

    KN4DQE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lots of holier than thou comments in this thread, sheesh.

    Jim is 100% right. We need a lobbying organization that looks out for US, just like the NRA USED to look out for gun owners. BOTH organizations have lost their way and have become money collection agencies for zero gain to the communities they support!

    Instead of complaining about "but I want muh 11 min back!" how about this - don't watch the video! :rolleyes:

    The funny thing is - the 20 some odd folks who complain on the zed are nothing compared to the 100k+ viewiers that watched his video. THAT's why it matters - because if the ARRL actually responded with a civilized response other than pound sand, they could have potentially had 100k+ more subscribers and donations - now they essentially lost it all due to their stupidity and arrogance.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2021 at 1:51 AM
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  7. N2EY

    N2EY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I listened to the video while doing something routine.

    I want to ask W6LG one question:

    "Is that the best you can do?"

    As pointed out by @W5UAA, almost everything he wanted is already on the ARRL website, free for the download, W6LG just doesn't want to bother to look for it.

    As for Amateur Radio being a "service", that's just a regulatory word used for ALL types of radio. It does not mean what he thinks it means.

    Touting the "service" provided by radio amateurs as a reason to avoid license fees is a fool's errand. All the FCC has to do to shoot it down is to say "There are well over 750,000 US licensed radio amateurs today. How many of them have actually provided "service" to the public in the past year? How much "service" have they provided? How much spectrum did they need to provide the service?"

    This doesn't mean Amateur Radio doesn't provide valuable public service! But to try to justify the entire ARS on it just won't fly. Worse, it damages our credibility because FCC already knows the answers to the above questions.

    The plain and simple fact is that, for most of today's radio amateurs, it's a hobby. That's NOT a bad thing - it's a GOOD thing! Hobbies ARE valuable and important! How many campers, hikers, hunters and fishermen do those things strictly as a "hobby", using the public parks and wilderness areas? Does the "hobby" nature of their activities mean they don't deserve the use of public lands?

    As for license fees, the FCC had no choice; the imposition of fees for ALL licenses was mandated by Congress - go whine to them. ARRL negotiated a 30% discount ($50 to $35), which was pretty good IMHO.

    $35 for a 10 year license is less than a penny a day. If you can't afford that, how can you afford to operate?

    I'd wager that W6LG has a bit of a history with ARRL HQ staff, too.

    One more:

    As for selling an antenna and being in competition with advertisers - oh puh-leeze.

    ARRL has sold publications since forever - in direct competition with some of their advertisers.

    W1AW code practice sessions are in direct competition with those selling code training stuff - in direct competition with some of their advertisers.

    ARRL Product Reviews are the most-comprehensive in Amateur Radio, with actual lab testing of the actual product (not selected samples). Such Product Reviews aren't just publicity for their.....advertisers....products.

    And now the big one:

    Many if not most of the home-brew projects in QST and other ARRL publications are in direct competition with advertisers' products. Why buy when you can build? Yet ARRL continues to publish them and the advertisers continue to advertise.


    73 de Jim, N2EY

    Licensed since October 1967 - 54 years on the air. 51 of them as an Extra.
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  8. KD7LX

    KD7LX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, please. One look at the comments section of the video tells you all you need to know. This was just a grumpy old man rabble-rousing. Everyone engaging in histrionics in the comment thread were never going to join no matter what.
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  9. N2EY

    N2EY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    How would you have the ARRL "lobby" for Amateur Radio?

    There are fewer than 800,000 US radio amateurs - that's a drop in the bucket when you consider the US population of over 328 million.
  10. N2EY

    N2EY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Perhaps W6LG could learn from Jebediah Atkinson:

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