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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. K7GV

    K7GV Ham Member QRZ Page

    It would be a real intellectual feast to read Mr. Baxter's trial brief. I seem to recall that all this started as a "me too" sort of pout because ARRL can schedule a news and information briefing which is not considered 'broadcasting' (when that's precisely what it is, but who cares?) and Mr. Baxter tries to emulate that same behavior and gets ticketed for it.

    Doesn't seem fair on the one hand, while on the other hand it's clear that we can't all be newscasters or there wouldn't be any room for ragchewers down on 3919.

    I sure wish you the best of luck, Mr. Baxter, but our local Indian Casino sports book makes it 8:2 against you. [​IMG]
  2. AB4XK

    AB4XK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have heard the broadcasts from K1MAN, in tuning the dial, but never took the time to listen because I was not interested. Since I dont listen, I am not at liberty to comment on the merits, if any, of his broadcasts.
    In reading some of the comments, I have to agree there is much worse stuff going on, particularly on the phone bands. I have concluded that most of the garbage we hear on the bands come from a very small minority and most of us have better sense than to get on the radio and get into an argument, shouting match, name calling, or any other silly waste of time. There are stations who openly admit running 5000 and 10000 watts and dont care how wide their signal is or who gets pushed out. One simple solution is to spend all the air time on CW. Yes, CW!! There is where you meet really considerate hams and there is very little occurances of jamming, interference, and general LID operation. Spend your time on a CW traffic net and you will meet some really fine people who will work with you and your efforts will be appreciated by many. I would propose that a first offense of cursing or threats on the air should result in a warning. The next offense should result in licence revocation and equipment confiscation and possibly a fine on top of that. A third offense should resut in jail time. Like any bushel of apples, all it takes is one or two to spoil the whole lot. By culling those few, the rest of us could truly enjoy Ham Radio as it was intended. You will seldom, if ever, hear me on the HF phone nets. I have better things to do than listen to someone else's ranting and raving. The easiest way to not get upset over it is to merely turn the dial or turn it off........ 73
  3. 4S7RO

    4S7RO Ham Member QRZ Page


    How can you so blatantly say that everyone who listens to K1MAN has to be a friend or a sympathizer? Not that anyone needs your permission to listen to anyone! if you are on a mission to get people to listen only to what you want them to...try harder!

    Have you even worked me, to say that I should stick to 5&9, tnx, 73 type QSOs? That again demonstrates the prejudice you harbour.

    Personally, I am not bothered by what you say, you deserve no attention and you shall not get any either!

  4. KB5DRJ

    KB5DRJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    No one would be able to transmit then because it is impossible for a ham station to 'hear' every other ham on the frequency all over the world.
  5. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some folks have asked about the nature of the violations Baxter is accused of. Here they are in a nutshell:

    1. Pecuniary Interest

    Baxter constantly refers to his commercial website during his show. This has been interpreted by the FCC as using the radio to support a commercial enterprise. This is not "incidental" like ordering pizza once a month over an autopatch on 2 meters. This is a guy who is using HIS radio to refer people to HIS website which happens to be full of stuff for sale which will benefit HIS organizations if people make a buy as a result of the visit. No one is allowed to do this on ham radio. This includes charities. The FCC is asking for $4,000 for an apparent pecuniary interest violation.

    2. Broadcasting

    This is never allowed. One way transmissions of Amateur interest and code practice are allowed. The difference is, a bulletin is aimed at amateurs only and it is made up of items of interest to amateurs only or it is a code practice session. When Baxter played a 70 minute info-mercial about his business, this was interpreted as a commercial broadcast in which he had a pecuniary interest. This apparent violation was assessed at $4,000.

    3. Wilful and repeated interference

    Wilful simply means knowingly. Repeated means it happened more than once, or for more than one day. Apparently, the FCC has evidence that Baxter knowingly transmitted on top of others and that he did so over a period of days or months. That apparent violation is assessed at $7,000.

    4. Lack of Station Control

    A broken tape that played on and on for 45 minutes, that simply repeats a nine word phrase, usually means someone was asleep at the switch. Or they were not present at the switch. Or they didn't care. The FCC is asking for $3,000 for an apparent lack of control.

    5. Failure to file required information

    The FCC asked him to supply certain information. He failed to supply the information they wanted. The FCC is asking for $3,000 for this apparent violation.

    Total: $21,000

    It's interesting to note that the FCC is not relying on ANY amateur complaints in assessing this NAL. All of the events above were monitored and recorded by FCC personnel. If Baxter intends to go to court, he will likely be up against Boston FCC Field Agents, and/or FCC monitoring station Agents who monitored and recorded him.

    Faced with denying the testimony of multiple recordings, times, dates, direction finding data, Baxter's own letters to the Commission, past warning notices, etc. etc. I think Mr. Baxter will have a tough time wriggling out of this one.

    In his ordo est ordinem non servare...

    73, K3VR
  6. K7JAZ

    K7JAZ Guest

    You're breaking my heart. [​IMG]

    Read the post by K3VR above, and TRY to understand it.
  7. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    When were you at my house? I can't remember...

    You were here at my house Right?

    You had to be because you know what I got here for a station. But for some reason you didn't see the beam when you were here. How come you didn't see the beam when you were here?

    And you didn't see the amp either.
    So I quote,,

    this fella here, says it for me....
  8. 4S7RO

    4S7RO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I read and digest posts that are objective and attempt to answer a question. Posts that assume that if someone is not heard, he/she uses a peanut whistle and a dipole are made by people with a brian the size of a peanut. [​IMG]
  9. N6BOA

    N6BOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, feel the love in this thread (and on the air)!

    Ok, back to having no life...it's Friday folks! Party on!!! [​IMG]
  10. K7JAZ

    K7JAZ Guest

    UZR & RO, you two are very good examples of why some of us don't get on the air so much anymore.

    My "peanut-sized brain" as you call it tested at an I.Q. well in excess of the requirement for Mensa, the so-called "genius" club, have you heard of it? I didn't want to join, I hate being around people who think they know everything, which is why I don't spend much time here either, and this is what I get for popping in.

    I think some of you are taking my "peanut-whistle" remark awfully personally. I sure had no idea it was such an awful thing to say. I include myself in the peanut-whistle gallery and it doesn't bother me. I've never owned an amp and I'm satisfied enough. I don't compete with the high-power and huge antenna farm guys and it doesn't bother me.

    Excuse me, UZR with your mighty beam and amp. There are a lot of guys with beams and amps that still can't compare with the W1AW station:

    From the ARRL website, page http://www.arrl.org/news/features/2001/07/30/1/

    Perhaps the first visual clue visitors get as they approach ARRL Headquarters is the sight of two beams--20 and 40 meters--at 120 feet, the top of the center tower. The next view is that of all four towers, supporting a complex array of beam antennas. Welcome to the W1AW antenna farm, a group of towers ranging from 60 feet to 120 feet and comprising 27 different antennas.

    I don't think I have to come to your house UZR to know your station most likely doesn't quite measure up the that.

    I'm not even going to visit Baxter's website, but I'd be willing to bet he's pretty competitive, himself.

    There's always someone with more antennas and higher towers. I don't know why "peanut-whistle" gets you that upset, but get over it. Most of us are peanut whistles compared to W1AW and more than a few others. That was my only intent with that remark. Geez. But since you are so hopping mad over nothing, you show what kind of gentlemen you are.

    UZR, "Net control on the Hams For Christ net", yes, your posts are a real fine example of Brotherly Love. Nice job.

    I've wasted enough time here.
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