FT8 DXCC experiment completed !

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Mar 22, 2020.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    FT8 DXCC experiment completed !

    (The experiment to see just how quickly one can get to DXCC using ONLY FT8)

    Finally we got it!
    On Saturday, 21st of March, we finished the 100 DXCC with 2020 QSOs.

    This took 7 days, 7,5 hours (18 hous break) with a small station with 50 wtts and longwire-antenna.

    We will publish more detailed statistics in the next few days. First of all, we are happy to have reached the goal. Many thanks to all the HAMS who have worked with us over the last days. You have helped us to reach this goal.

    But what can already be said now: You can have different opinions about FT8, but the DXCC is always a milestone that has to be worked out. Every HAM can be proud if he has reached this goal, no matter in which mode of operation!

    No matter which mode you use, enjoy your hobby and make the best out of it, it is a great hobby!

    The special event QSLs will be sent out via office in the next few weeks, the ADIF-Files will be uploaded to Clublog, LotW and eQSL in the next days.




    Last edited: Mar 22, 2020
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  2. WG7X

    WG7X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    So... Not to rain on your parade, but does your accomplishment include getting confirmations for those one hundred DXCC contacts?

    Making the QSO's is the easy part, especially with all of Europe on your doorstep. It's getting the confirmations that is the difficult part. I would imagine though, that with FT8 QSO's, the confirmations are also fairly easy too.

    At least that's been my experience.
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  3. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wonder who the certificate is made out to... the operator or the manufacturer of the computer? :)
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  4. G7DAZ

    G7DAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent....well done. Far easier than that "code" milarky. Why waste ALL that time doing/learning CW when it's sooooo much easier to get your DXCC in just 7 days with FT8....what an achievement; well done sir; i doff my cap to thee :D

    CW who needs it :rolleyes:
  5. R0QAF

    R0QAF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Да, всё таки, как быть с подтверждениями, ведь в разных LOG-ах они свои, где участники эксперимента подтверждали свои QSO, это очень интересный вопрос.
  6. W9HBH

    W9HBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got my DXCC over a weekend during a world wide SSB contest. "During a good sunspot year".
    Then it took several months to confirm the contacts.
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  7. NN2X

    NN2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congrats on getting the DXCC!

    I like any mode, CW, SSB, FT8, FT4, Olivia, all very good.


    NN2X, Tom
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  8. NE5B

    NE5B XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    This past November (2019) I started using FT8 with 100 watts into a random (92') end-fed wire / 9:1 unum less than a month later I had WAS on via multiple bands.
    By the End of January, I had WAS on 80, 40,30 and 20 confirmed via LoTW and QRZ.
    With FT8 I've only managed to add 51 countries confirmed toward my DXCC

    I look at that have DXCC and WAS via SSB and especially CW in a different light than I do my accomplishment with FT8, I think others will too - after all working those entties with CW and even SSB it is a far greater accomplishment than FT8.

    I know first hand that some of those consider this new mode another way of cheapening the accomplishments we can achieve as Amateur Radio Operators. I was one of the No-Code Techs originally licensed in 1994, I heard snide remarks about not having to have code. However to move up to General I had to work to get 13wpm, then a little later I moved on up to Advanced.
    Don't know how long it would have taken me to pass the 20wpm CW reqirement. I took advantage of the dropping of the code requirement to move on up to Extra, I wasn't going to let those no-code kids that didn't understand the theory but could memorize questions and answers have access to more bandwidth than I had.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2020
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  9. W1ER

    W1ER Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wish there was an Anti-Like Button
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  10. KC3HFW

    KC3HFW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I hope you did not run into the operator who requires, "QSL overseas registered mail ONLY, SAE to return registered overseas mail, appropriate donation for return registered mailing."

    $50 plus :)

    But on a positive note, congratulations. It is a fine achievement in any mode.
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