Circumventing Jamming or interference with Winlink

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by OH8STN, Aug 6, 2021.

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  1. OH8STN

    OH8STN Ham Member QRZ Page

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  2. W7ASA

    W7ASA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Really well done, Julian.
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  3. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent video. My question would be what if this is just a test run. What do we do if ALL frequencies are jammed and some other bad actors press the internet kill switch? The epitome of free speech and it seems to me very fragile and could end in a blink. 73
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  4. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Like in the old spark days, set up a chain of stations close enough to overcome jamming and relay the message. By all frequencies, do you mean 100khz to 1000mhz continuous? We'd likely be in a war, more likely Nuclear, at which point the answer may not matter.
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  5. WD4ELG

    WD4ELG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Another great video, Julian. Keep it up. Please.
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  6. W7ASA

    W7ASA Ham Member QRZ Page

    A well done and thought provoking video (yes, a second post :) Something else to consider though is ,

    The systems you put together are impressive, transportable and capable. On the uber-plus side; the global, automated WINLINK system solves the question of who will be on the other end of the radio link to receive your 500 word message/missive, take-fills and QSL each message, which WINLINK does automatically - assuming there is an internet able to deliver the message. The down side is the huge increase in the Expense, Size, Weight & Power requirements of so much equipment, solar panels and cables and the luxury of sitting in one mostly open place, in broadaylight to recharge it. I dunno Julian - even a civilian holiday backpacking trip for a week or so, like the RadioPrepper did in the Pyrenees requires a very small, light and low power consumption bit of kit, to even be included in the rucksack.

    73 de Ray ..._ ._
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  7. K9CTB

    K9CTB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Winlink is perfect for getting info into and out of Cuba ... because of the compression scheme, messages outbound - or inbound for that matter, can't be read by the bad actors even if they are intercepted. Trouble is, the automated jamming system they're using just tracks strong sigs on 40 (repeated connects to the same RMS on the same frequency) and then tunes directly on top ... then they become agile again until the next transmission. I heard on an SSB net that the Cuban government is only effective at jamming about half of the messages sent by amateur radio ... the other half get through. Not sure how accurate that assessment is. On a separate note, VARA is the BEST!!! What a robust and very patient modem!! EA5HVK, Jose gets a hero's welcome if he ever makes a trip to my home town!!!

    73 de K9CTB
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  8. N1IPU

    N1IPU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Job Julian.
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  9. M6EVR

    M6EVR XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    amazing video, julian, thank you so much for sharing 73
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  10. UT7UX

    UT7UX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Really good video that indeed leaves some questions unanswered. Julian, I like all that ham and near-ham toys you're showing to us but honestly I don't believe a single person could carry most of them during bad days if they ever become. One should more care about rounds for a handgun and few primitive tools rather than about fragile and somewhat bulky ham toys. Is the communications essential? IMO yes. Shall the hams maintain communications if everything else failed? IMO no. Not hams but well armed and coordinated troops will take a lead.
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