Young Hams W.A.S.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by ae9b, Nov 5, 2003.

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  1. KG5VK

    KG5VK Ham Member QRZ Page

    AE9B great post !

    I welcome anyone (Young and Old) that would like to work from my station during contest.

    Fact is I can not get much intrests
    for ops to come,  why I don't know......

    maybe the 20 minute drive from town is not worth operating at a station that can go with the best
    even though we are a little pistol compared to some of the big guns

    a tribander at 100 feet

    a 40 meter beam at 40 feet on a rorating tower
    and now we are adding a 20 meter 5 element Telerex monobander and a 40 meter 3 ele telerex both at over 80 feet

    shack is modest with an Icom xcver 746 and a qro tech amp

    wire antennas as well for 40 meters and lower in freq

    anyone that lives in the tri-sate (Ark-La-Tex) is welcome
    for any contest we operate (ARRL SS Phone, CQ ww SSB and ARRL Dx contest phone as well)

    If I could get enough ops I would add two radios and amps and do multi multi ( I have the room just no one is interested)

    If you are interested send me an email

    Still time as of today for someone to pipe up for arrl ss phone as I am planning a single op for it unless some one shouts out the ss phone is 15 Nov week-end

    73  steve
  2. M3SOA

    M3SOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey, i am sixteen here, in the uk, and really want to do my morse now, as u can see, i belive ham radio is appealing to some young people now

  3. N5NU

    N5NU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would love for someone to contact me with the same offer. I'm fairly well known in contesting circles as a decent SSB & CW operator. However, at college, I haven't been able to dedicate a lot of time to contesting. Heck, all of my equipment is in my room, and the tower is in the yard. I'm really in desparation for a place to operate because I don't want to miss SS. (Even if it means a drive to Kansas City) I'm 20, got started morsing when I was 9. Haven't been real active over the past year or so, but was once 1500 Q+ guy in some contests. Anyone interested give me a shout, please!! Thanks 73, Jason (
  4. K4PZZ

    K4PZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll be on SS from my own station.  My elmers taught me that 'mooching' was good for a while, but to truely enjoy radio, I had to get my own station.  The TH6DXX is being put together.  The tower is going up.  The radio is ready.  The amp... will come.

    CQ WW DX (phone) was a blast.  A few contacts here and there, but still a ton of fun.  As for inviting hams over, excellent idea, but I've found a lot are weary of committing to a 12, 24, or 48 hour ordeal.  I really enjoyed working a 6 hour shift with K4IA and W4IM in the VA QSO party (we won for multi op, single transxvr, but they didn't have a plaque for that category.  go figure...) because the commitment was low.  If I didn't like it, I wasn't stuck there all weekend, if I did enjoy it, I could stay a bit longer.

    Look locally for some techs and recently upgraded generals.  I'm sure they're interested but not sure how to approach or don't know the option is open to approach you.  I know I'd like to be operating that station instead of my little vertical!  (But... an Icom?  Real DX'ers have Yaesus... hihi... just kidding.  Kind of like Nascar fans arguing over whether fords or chevys are faster ... and then a dodge wins the race).

    73 and good dx!  (and lets cross our fingers for some good conditions, too!  some openings on 15 and maybe 10?)
  5. NQ4S

    NQ4S Ham Member QRZ Page

    I must be an oddball.  I've been using contests for the last couple of years to gather contacts to QSL, but I'm a lot closer to DXCC than WAS.   [​IMG]

    The WAE RTTY contest last weekend helped me mop up a few more states, but I'm still better than a dozen away from getting the contacts done, not to mention the QSL.  As for DXCC, through the contests I've got over 100 worked and 56 confirmed.

    Contests are great for working on awards, but contesters are not as good as regular DX hunters for returning QSL cards.  Many are great, but a good number of cards go out never to hear a response.  Perhaps LoTW will help with that.
  6. KG5VK

    KG5VK Ham Member QRZ Page

    It worked for us..........

    N5NU made the trek from Texas over to Louisiana
    to operate at my station during the phone portion of the arrl ss contest

    Jason had us up to speed fast with a high qso per hour rate

    114 q's in the first hour

    I was beat since I was up at day break geting three tower sections up and toping it off with a KT-34xa

    next year we will have more towers and more alumium on top of them

    a sweep and just under 1 k in q's

    Jason will be back too !!!!

  7. KG6HUF

    KG6HUF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would like to join your contest, but i'm a tad bit farther than Kansas. My code is a tad slow also.

    KG6HUF General
    Age 16
    San Diego, CA
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