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We May Have Just Solved the Mystery of 11 Year Long Solar Cycles

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC8FRJ, Aug 11, 2019.

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  1. KM4SLW

    KM4SLW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Unless someone figures out how to make the cycles shorter (or the peak last longer) then I really don't care...
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  2. N8ZI

    N8ZI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think Pluto is reeking havoc. Ever since they kicked him out, the bands have gone downhill.
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  3. N8ZI

    N8ZI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Maybe if someone wiped Uranus the bands wouldn't stink......
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  4. KY5U

    KY5U Subscriber QRZ Page

    While Chip is a genius, I am an idiot savant.
  5. N8ZI

    N8ZI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    As for the pot smoking theory. Are they claiming Cheech and Chong are implicated?
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  6. 2E0FSD

    2E0FSD Ham Member QRZ Page

    This could be true. So those what have wrote rubbish and don't believe. Go out and prove him wrong. I don't disbelieve his theory. but I don't let the cycle bother me. if dx is there its there. if not, so what.
  7. W6RAD

    W6RAD Ham Member QRZ Page

    So that's how that works,I've been trying to figure my wife out, I mean the sun out for a long time now.
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  8. AE5GT

    AE5GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    2061 Oddessy Three. HAL lives.
  9. KF7PK

    KF7PK Ham Member QRZ Page

    simple answer we don't know
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  10. N6NKS

    N6NKS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Naw... it isn't weed, it's too much Coke (and maybe not the US version sans cocaine...). LOL!

    Well really, there are several reported cycles regarding the Sun besides the present 22 year "total cycle" as such:

    Sub solar-cycle ~11 years (Schwabe Cycle)
    total solar-cycle ~22 years

    (those two of course being the periodicity between solar min. and solar max as "measured" historically from the sunspot count and more recently via the Solar Flux (2800 MHz) as recorded from Penticton, BC)

    And others: Gleisberg Cycle = ~ 88 years
    DeVries Cycle = ~208 years
    Eddy Cycle = ~1000 years (most of know about Eddy currents...)
    Milankovitch Cycles = Ice-Age cycles - the Sun IS a variable star it has been conjectured)

    With that written, I suppose like much in science, "we" have a lot to learn still...

    Perhaps by Stardate 2350, Mr. Chekov could tell us more and he could also tell us if "Coke" tastes better then... ;-0

    Steve - N6NKS
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