We May Have Just Solved the Mystery of 11 Year Long Solar Cycles

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC8FRJ, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Permiteme resumir tus investigaciones, si es que las entendí bien, la sinergia de los planetas de nuestro sistema solar, afecta directamente a la actividad solar, entonces por que el ciclo de 11 años, y a que responde el mismo. Muchas gracias.
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    By that term they would be older than your grandmother. Think Humphrey Bogart, et al
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    Don't know why people are trashing the video. If it weren't for youtube our kids would not be getting any education at all. We have turned the educational system into a baby sitters union and the Universities into ... well, enough said I suppose.

    I watch his videos frequently though not enough to actually subscribe to his channel.

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    Whoa, You mean HE don't know. Unlike UNIX which is a finite science. Unless you're writing Spaghetti Code...

    On something as grand a scale as Solar System or beyond that Galactic Physics one must postulate and theorize while stepping back and looking at the big picture. There's two things going on here. The Sun is a Helium-Hydrogen fusion reactor... and our solar system's planets are satellites orbiting.... Now I'm going to make a very bold statement... What are the planets really orbiting?

    A Nucleus... It contains both Protons and Neutrons... (Helium and Hydrogen in their fusion cycle hopefully remaining in balance) and "electrons" (planets, asteroids, comets and other crap) do what? orbit around that center nucleus... Held in their orbital position by ATOMIC PHYSICS just in a larger scale than a single tiny small atom... We call that gravity, but what is it really?

    Now I'm going to make an even bolder statement... How does current flow? By the exchange of FREE ELECTRONS... The KEY to all of this is to make sure DA EARTH doesn't decide to become a free electron...

    Something to think about... Faith... In a higher power... That that won't happen in our lifetimes... or at least as long as we need Da Earth under our feet... OK now I'm going to scale things back and Husband and I are going to head to the garage and build another big shelf for the basement... Because we have too many electrons needing a place to stay.

    Erika DD
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    Solar cycles and other variations could be caused by the interaction of gravitational pertubations due to planetary alignment, and the magnetic buoyancy forces within the Sun:


    This also reminds of an earlier popular song:

    I got to meet this group in St. Louis when Gas Light Square was still, "Hot." A very nice group of people.:cool:

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    Hi Pheel,

    I'll reread the enclosed article when I'm not so tired. Been a wild day here physically. I've read that work before a very long time ago... I was rather excited about Flux Tubes when I first studied them. Lots of very deep discussions. They published this 7 years later. Thank you for including it. Hopefully I'll have some time this week... It is 97 pages... I always liked the 5th Dimension.

    Erika DD
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    Very interesting, and thanks to kc8frj for the link to the older article.
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    Great replies guys, reading replies is like a comical script,Aa8yh/Godhz.

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