Retevis RT90 Mobile Dual Band DMR Mobile Radio Review

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by BH6PJL, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. AD4C

    AD4C Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well it look like I am a lucky guy or I know how to program these radios.
    I have had so far three MD9600 so far and all of them has worked well,only one of them fail on the PA but it was my fault to be using it with a very high swr without knowing my antenna was defective and it was normal to burn the PA circuit that in fact there were two pin diodes burned, The other two has been working very well, RX is very sensitive on FM and DMR as well the TX makes 50W on VHF and 40W on UHF on both modes.
    The only dislike I have is that it will not works as a full dual watch radio meaning even you have a UHF freq in top display and a VHF freq in lower display when one of the channels is used by a user, the other will be muted until the station stop talking.
    These radios are FCC aproved and been sold in the US by many stores even amazon,com for about $280, so not a big deal, so you guys who say this is chinese junk, have your pocket reaady to pay over a grand when Motorola decide to sell a "real not junk" radio that be dual band and dual mode.

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  2. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Have not had a problem with the TYT MD-380 UHF. Makes a serviceable FM HT in that mode if you run out of DMR machines.
  3. KD4MOJ

    KD4MOJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mee Too... :) I own 4 of them and nary an issue. Even "flashed" 2 of them so I could have all the callsigns.

  4. KN4MPC

    KN4MPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm just going by what I've read.
    I personally don't like the screen.
    I'm just surprised there aren't more choices in the mobile market.
  5. N3RSJ

    N3RSJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    1# Still same looking Radio So..unless this retivis or Beavis is $129.99 then that's news.
    ?No price mentioned?
    2#Someone wants turn off dual mode Ahh no how bout a ft 8900r looking radio with
    2 vols 2 squelches twin band display to left and right , full or half duplex sub band muting
    on transmit DMR radio with full cross-band repeat to get to repeater that needs a S/7 just
    to get into it without robot-poppin" on your ht in digital from simplex to repeater off your station.
    Full GPS ,APRS Remote control cross-band repeat on/off via dtmf + switch groups via dtmf radio voice
    confirmation of new group selected (REMOTE is not Impossible old (Alinco DR-600T and Kenwood V71 does this )
    A So I think I'll wait... technoligy is always getting better .
  6. WB2YMU

    WB2YMU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Of the American business world...the keyword...PROFIT....if they can't make a profit a little above the production cost it is not worth building the hoo….and you are right...they need to get with the program!!!!...D-star, Fusion etc is good, but DMR is growing like a storm...!!!
  7. W2TH

    W2TH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree on CS800D. I have one in my car now and I'm not impressed with it at all. It is the only dual band DMR rig with a remote head which is why I decided to give it a try. It has quirky firmware and then they yanked the wide band coverage on one of the firmware updates rendering it useless for my GMRS use. So now I'm stuck with the last version of firmware until, if at all, the radio goes through type acceptance process with the FCC. Good grief.
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  8. KI5CQG

    KI5CQG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, seems to be a rebrand of TYT. Even the CPS is very similar and firmware versions appear to be identical.

    MSRP at $359 seems a bit pricey. I purchased the TYT MD-9600 in mid January 2019 and paid $232 plus sales tax and free shipping.

    Radio came with RX/TX set at 150-160MHz but got that resolved with some factory programming software. Other than that issue, the MD-9600 has worked perfectly on VHF and UHF as well as DMR via my hotspot.
  9. KN4MPC

    KN4MPC Ham Member QRZ Page

  10. W2TH

    W2TH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Really hope the delays are from the many complaints about no remote head option. Perhaps they are incorporating this into the radio before final release. I have the 868 and its way better than the connect systems branded radios as well as the TYT stuff I've had.

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