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Record numbers to take UK Foundation exam

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, May 20, 2020.

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  1. G3SEA

    G3SEA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome News ! :cool:
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  2. M7NYH

    M7NYH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'd be interested to see why you consider this to be the case and your rationale
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  3. M0FEU

    M0FEU Ham Member QRZ Page

    It would be interesting to know the age profile of the people taking the Foundation License, as getting younger people into the hobby is of paramount importance. Whilst many may hum and hah about the online assesment, I think the Foundation License has proved its worth time and again when it comes to getting school children into the hobby. At a time when interest in digimodes is booming, this serves as a salutory reminder that, whilst the growth in digimodes is important, they cannot alone save amateur radio from its gradual decline. Making more bandwidth available for digimodes is undoubtedly the future, but it will all be for nothing as long as it is virtually impossible to get younger people, and in particular the under 10s, licensed and active on the [HF] bands, as it still is in so many countries. The Foundation License proves that low power - and wide access - is the way to approach this problem. Certain digimode enthusiasts (who shall remain nameless) insisting that CW is overprivileged would do well to take note: bandwidth is not much use without someone to transmit on it...
    73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU
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  4. M7VXR

    M7VXR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Because how do we know that the new 'passers' are au fait with things such as how to SWR an antenna? Adjust the output power of a transceiver to both suit their licence entitlement and /or speak to someone locally using minimal power ? Adjust and tune an Antenna using a Tuning Unit?

    Some newcomers to the hobby may never have been near a transmitter and suddenly armed with a Foundation licence 'Pass' and not sure of what to do, the practical elements shown to the novice by an experienced 'Ham' will at least ensure some basic level of operating competency.

    That is my 'rationale'.

    I note that you do not show your allocated callsign (if any).
    Last edited: May 22, 2020
  5. M7GHS

    M7GHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was due to take the Foundation in early April 2020, but it was cancelled due to the Covid -19 issue.

    I had already done my practical and was all set to go and was extremely dissapointed that I could not do it and there was no indication on when I could.

    I was so relieved to hear they were doing it online and now I am a licenced operator from the 20th May 2020.

    I think the RSGB are doing a good job to get so many interested in this now, it has taken me 37 years to finally get round to it, I just hope it won't take another 37 years to do the Intermediate and Advanced, both of which will I hope also take place online.
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  6. KA0USE

    KA0USE Ham Member QRZ Page

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  7. KA0USE

    KA0USE Ham Member QRZ Page

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  8. KF0G

    KF0G Ham Member QRZ Page might be your cup of tea
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  9. G7NFP

    G7NFP Ham Member QRZ Page

    That made me give some thought to how many exams l have failed in my adult life. And that's a lot of exams across my career & personal life.

    I have never before gave that a second thought & l will be 63 very soon.
    The answer is........"none"

    Not one single l must tell the wife.

    But Mensa? I don't even come close.
    I just made sure that l done as much study as possible before l sat the exams. I remember occasions where l was up all night preparing for exams the next day.
    Perhaps l scraped through some exams by a few %. I will never know as l was never told.

    I waited weeks on the ham results thinking l would fail because l completed both exams in under half the allocated time.
    But they simply sent the certificates. I was disappointed that they never gave me the % l had passed by.

    The Mensa kids flip through a book & remember & understand every page.

    I have also worked in the psychiaric field. And the guys that worried me were the psychopaths, as l knew they were much smarter than me.
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  10. 2E0OZI

    2E0OZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Seems like good news to me, I am a product of the Foundation License back in 2010 and think its an excellent introduction to ham radio. I found the practical component easy - I think we all did - but then we had attended 8 training sessions teaching the Foundation syllabus, plus practical stuff at the club station (In a pub at the time!). Good old PARC.
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