Radio Wavz New RW705 Portable Antenna Kit

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W5JDX, Jun 19, 2021.

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  1. W5CJA

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    What if high prices scare people away before they get on the air?
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  2. K9GLS

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    When you dumb everything down to make it easy for everyone all you have left are dumb people.
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  3. WN1MB

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    Now hold on a second. Lets get real here, okay?

    1) I'll go out on a limb and say that the current entry level exam is more difficult than the old novice test you and I took, and

    2) "apprenticeship experience"? What kind of "apprenticeship" is required to measure out a couple lengths of wire, strip some insulation off one end of each wire, and attach those ends to the tuner?

    If beginners are that helpless, then amateur radio is doomed.
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  4. KI4POT

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    I'm almost certain calculations for a basic dipole are part of the Tech license exam. It's certainly in the General.

    I think I built my first antenna mere weeks after getting my first radio. The radio was an HT and the antenna was a twinlead j-pole. I took it to the local club's Field Day site and borrowed an antenna analyzer to check it out. :) I still have that radio and continue to build all sorts of antennas for it (just built and tested a smaller/lighter version of my 6m EFHW).

    That said, a podcast I was listening to yesterday made a good point about this sort of thing in that people getting into a technical hobby like radio but coming from a lifetime of using tech like PCs, mobile phones, etc, are accustomed to "buying off the shelf" and having things "just work". It's an expectations gap, but it may explain why new entrants struggle so much with things older hams consider basic or business as usual.

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  5. GW6CZE

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    You bought a 49:1 Balun for £30 you could have made it yourself for a third of that ,not such a tight wad as you think
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  6. WA6VVC

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    Couple of months back it was $35 bucks for a FCC license transaction. NOW $135 bucks for a piece of wire. Week ago, made a 20 meter contact with old extension cord, 6 feet off the ground and QRP. 5-9 Minnesota. Later connected it back to the weed wacker. I hate yard work, LOL

    Use what you got, CAMO
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  7. K4YNZ

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    Two plastic chalk line boxes
    One drip line plastic T for center insulator
    One hundred thirty feet of Teflon insulated #18 wire. OK not exactly sure of the size.
    Mike and I, at Ack Radio, thought it would be strong enough and fit into two chalk boxes. It happened to be Teflon coated.
    Chalk boxes real out wire and act as end insulators.
    Little marks help measure out the wire.
    Toss a water bottle over a limb. Pull it up in inverted V and you are good to go.
    I do not know how much it cost. I just needed a portable dipole.
    Never did SOTA or POTA. But this little antenna was set up at cellular base station sites and campgrounds all over Alabama. Never failed to check in to my net or make lunch time contacts. Not going to hike up a mountain when the company gave me a nice SUV! And all those mountain tops.
    FT-817 was fun and small. IC-706 had enough power to get the job done!
    Your success may vary.
    Ham's have always had a nice selection of CW QRP radios. Well since I have been around. The new thing is more SSB. But SSB needs more power to do the same work as CW. Run the math.
    Ham radio can be as expensive as you allow it to be! Just like any other hobby.
    (I think most Ham's just like gadgets.)
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  8. N6KZB

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    User decides what they want. My 705 is a fine radio.
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  9. KF6FRR

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    Went looking for this antenna, and as with all new stuff there is a bunch of prices. Delivery has been delayed
    at HRO. Was unable to find it else where, but didn't look all that hard. I agree with others, a bit pricy.
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  10. CD7CKU

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    Still very expensive, an EF 10 / (15) / 20/40/80 meters with copper / kevlar cable is priced at 50 euros (60 US $).
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