Please Respect the Frequencies for SSTV and QRP

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by CT2KFQ, Mar 25, 2020.

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  1. N2ZD

    N2ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I actually went back to the first page and after the OP’s comment, I am ashamed to say, no less than 5 people shut him down or berated him. I’ll bet any amount of money, that these people would cry like babies if their enjoyment were interrupted because someone didn’t follow the plan.
    There IS nothing in stone, but laying an opposing argument and name calling at the original posters feet shows the typical ignorance of those who had replied.
    If you think operating on a known SSTV or other calling frequency is ok, then you’re the problem he is speaking of.
    Is it legal to do so? Yes it is. Is it polite, no it’s not. And if you think it’s ok not to be polite and courteous, then look in the mirror, you’re the problem he brought to our attention.
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  2. VK4GAP

    VK4GAP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lets not bring up "NET"s either , as that old saying goes , Petrol(gas) on the Fire o_O
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  3. N2ZD

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    Nets are not reserved by frequency, but I respect nets operating frequencies. Once again it’s called courtesy. Regards Richy N2ZD
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  4. G4OBB

    G4OBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've just come to a conclusion. Human beings just don't get along too well.
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  5. WR2E

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    Took you that long? ;)
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  6. IU2EFB

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    Hello to everybody!
    I am on the black list mentioned in the first post of this topic. I apologize if I have been calling on an SSTv frequency on that day. I will look more carefully to the band plan I have on my shack before starting to call on a specific frequency. I can understand the frustration of the Sstv operators and I respect their point of view. I guess the band plan is made to have the frequencies more organised and make sure everybody can have equal fun and enjoy the radio.
    Best 73 to all
    Giampaolo Spera IU2EFB
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  7. KD2TTM

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    Newbies can make an honest mistake, too. I forgot to refer to the band plan when I returned home from passing my General and eagerly started Tx-ing. It was this thread that reminded me to check! Here's the one I refer to now:
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  8. N2ZD

    N2ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    No problem making a mistake, even seasoned hams (lol) make mistakes. It happens, my beef (lol) is with the replies. If you can’t be a gentleman, then find another hobby or service.
    With the “lack of hams” everyone talks about, there should be plenty of room. Go to 10 meters and there’s plenty of space! Half the people on 40 and 80 are talking to their neighbors anyway.

    But that’s neither here nor there.

    It’s just nice when everyone works together and that is what fosters new people in, the only people who want to communicate with selfish dopes, is those attracted to that type of activity.

    “You reap what you sow.”
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  9. WQ4G

    WQ4G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Better look at those 'band plans' again... The FCC does define what mode(s) may be used in different parts of the 20 meter (and other) Ham bands.

    A few simple questions MIGHT prove my point...

    What mode(s) is/are allowed at 14.020 MHz? Is A3 (phone) allowed at 14.020 MHz? What mode(s) is/are allowed at 21.100 MHz? Are the 'allowable' modes at those frequencies set by 'law' or by 'gentlemen's agreement?'

    Why do some people have difficulty following (formal or informal) rules? Why is 'make me' one of the most common phrases uttered now days?

    IMO, failure to enforce rules or to maintain discipline leads to demoralization and penalizes the innocent instead of the guilty...

    Dan WQ4G
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  10. N8YQM

    N8YQM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many moons ago I stumbled on to 14.230, didn't hear anything that sounded like any kind of signal, and I even asked "Is this frequency in use?". When I heard nothing, I started calling CQ. After a couple of calls, somebody got on and said that 14.230 has been the SSTV frequency for years. Later on I found the ARRL band plan that actually identified 14.230 as being used for SSTV. Don't know if anybody was actually doing SSTV at that time, since I'm pretty sure I would have heard the sweeps, but I've tried to steer clear ever since.

    Seems like there's a large band to use, so if 14.230 has an agreement to be designated for a specific purpose, I don't see why all the flack for showing some professional courtesy and leaving it for that purpose.
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