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New Jersey's revised cell phone law

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC2GMN, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. KC2GMN

    KC2GMN QRZ Member

    This past Saturday 3/1/08, NJ's revised cell phone law went into effect. After reading it, it appears that talking not only on a hand held cell phone will earn you a ticket, but it now includes "electronic communication device" (read two way radio here), ham, CB, FRS, etc. Just wait till some trucker or other good buddy is stopped and receives a ticket under this newly revised law, then the screaming will start.

    Amateur radio is excluded.

    Here's the URL for the text of it

    All the ham's in NJ should print out a copy and highlight the part about amateur radio, keep it in your car with your registration and insurance card and a copy of your FCC ticket too.

    Even if you don't live in NJ, you never know when you might drive through the fine police state of the People's Republic of NJ and some over zealous uniform spot's you with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a mike to your rig.

  2. N0OV

    N0OV Guest

    I am actually surprised the "Garbage State" actually added an Amateur Radio Exclusion to this law. Should be an interesting discussion the first time a State Trooper pulls someone over for running a laptop and learns they were not "texting" but using "APRS"
  3. KI4AGR

    KI4AGR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Kentucky allso has a Excluded Amatur radio law - I keep a copy in my car it is allso for Scanners - If you come this way get your print out !!
    73 - Don
  4. N9LYA

    N9LYA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nj WTF


    The Nanny State - You are too stupid to take care of yoruself so we do it for you.. (State Moto)

    73 Jerry N9LYA

  5. WA8FOZ

    WA8FOZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Might there be a website or some other resource where these statutes (and HR exclusions!)are posted for each state? It would be very convenient to have these to refer to and make printouts when we travel.
  6. WA4TM

    WA4TM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, this would be very good info to have on hand!!!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2008
  7. K4JF

    K4JF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't see any exclusion for police or EMTs in that listing. It will get interesting when (if) a policeman answers a call from HQ while driving and Highway Patrolman tickets him! And of course if he doesn't ticket him, then the civilians have cause for complaint.

    Keg of worms, what?
  8. N9MOQ

    N9MOQ Guest

    With the dozens of other copies from all the other states that I already have similar copies of showing the exemption for Hams?

    Instead of us all having to have a notebook with all these new laws coming out every year from every state, we should just keep radio laws on the Federal level and forbid states from causing all this grief.

    Perhaps the FCC could issue us licenses that has print on it saying that no state laws may apply to the radios or operation of radios by the person named on the license.

    And perhaps all police officers of every state, county, city, village and town could be taught and trained about the laws, so that the citizens don't have to carry copies of the laws around in order to avoid arrest or time educating the officers of the laws they are not aware of.

    Especially since most police officers do not like it when you try to tell them they are wrong and try to get them to read a copy of the law you have.

    I don't like being put in that postion.
  9. WA4TM

    WA4TM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am not arguing this issue, just saying it would be nice if WE had a copy of the state laws, as you all know there are some very "creative" interpretations of laws every day..

    Might not be much help on the Barney Phife types out there, BUT having a copy of the law might help when you have your day in court..

  10. KC2EGL

    KC2EGL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I know that New York City did the same thing back around 2000 or 2001. I am not sure if the former Republic on New York State did the same. With the current batch of Communists controling the state (Dictator Spitzer for one) I would not be surprised if they passed a law stating it is not permissible to have a radio in your car unless you are a soldier of the state.
  11. WR2E

    WR2E XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Why should hams have any more right to drive with distractions than average Joe ? Show me the science where it says just cuz yer a ham, you drive better while fiddling with yer rigs ?

    In a state as congested as NJ, you shouldn't even be allowed to pick yer nose while driving ...
  12. K4ZAG

    K4ZAG Ham Member QRZ Page

    A Ham

    Should be smart enough to know when its just to risky to pick up the mic. etc. and both hands are best on the wheel..

  13. AB1FV

    AB1FV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting....they are banning the use of "Wireless Telephones" while driving, but you can use your mobile or HT while driving, to connect to a Repeater to use the Autopatch to make that phone call!
    Talk about a workaround!! :D
  14. KC2ESD

    KC2ESD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Let me see your papers....

    I copied and paste the webpage into MS Word, then I made the phrase "shall not include an amateur radio." in Bold and PT 14 letter size. This way when the Police ask "Let me see your papers" they will be able to see the Amateur Radio exception right away.
    I just can't wait when a trucker gets a ticket for using a CB radio, then the fur will fly and 101.5FM will be the station to listen to. NJ sucks anymore, its not the good place it used to be.

    73 de Rick KC2ESD
  15. KB3AFZ

    KB3AFZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cell Phone/Communications LAW

    I am an OTR truck Driver, and a General Class. I realize the importance of being safe on the road in a rig as well as a 4 wheeler etc... Talking on the cell phone while driving an 18 wheeler is very distracting, and dangerous. Using a hands free device is, in my opinion with explanation, much safer than holding a phone to your ear. Holding the phone to your ear while operating a CMV, (Commercial Vehicle), you lose control of the vehicle. Let's face it, how the hell can you shift, steer, and utilize a turn signal handle with 1 hand? Some claim they can do it, but I sure wouldn't. Most states are passing laws making it Illegal to operate a cell phone with or without a handsfree device in a commercial vehicle or any vehicle for that matter. So if we have a hands free kit attatched to our phone, and carrying on a conversation while in motion, I see no difference between having a passenger in the other seat and talking with them? Do you? So the law in a round about way is saying you have to drive and SHUT UP!!!!... You can drive the hell outta your car, or drive your work vehicle, but if your moving you either have to shut up, or pull over and place your call. For those of you whom have never driven in Jersey..... well I must say, if everyone who placed a call would pull over on the birm and place a call, the state would have to pave another lane for that purpose, and the traffic jams would cease.

    I also wanted to note that MANY MANY times, and Jersey Included.... I have passed state troopers, and local police passing me in my rig with a cell phone stuck to their ear. Often, a couple friends of mine who drive, and I have thought of installing cameras in our rigs, and filming such incidents, and sending the film to the particular precinct or police barracks and saying" Hmmm I wonder why we can't do this"?

    As for Ham Radio/CB, I would love for a policeman to write me a ticket for lifting my microphone. (I don't use a CB unless I need to at shippers or receivers or a rare occaision to find out traffic jam info) I would explain to that officer the importance of communications as an Amateur Radio Operator and having the capabilities of passing emergency traffic in the time of need. Oh I am sure he would smile and say sign here, as all DOT and police entities love the revenue thay can gain from the trucking industry, but I sure would fight it, and damn sure would make a NATIONAL SPECTICLE of that particular police force. Does this country really understand how important we Hams can be?????? I already know the answer... NO, and do they care? YES in time of need and we come out of the woodwork to help when no one else will, they smile and pat us on the back.....

    OK I have said my piece on this.

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