New Icom`s RIG  IC-7000

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by W5ZZ, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. N3ATS

    N3ATS Ham Member QRZ Page
  2. WC4J

    WC4J XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  3. W5ZZ

    W5ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    New Info :
    Price in Japan $1600
  4. N2NH

    N2NH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice radio. Beautiful front panel. Nice Specs. Rediculous Price.

    At least they gave a mike.

    I'll keep my FT-857 for now. At nearly 1/3rd the price it's got the bang-for-the-buck factor beat.
  5. K3UD

    K3UD Guest

    Just to put this in perspective.

    In March 1996 the original IC-706 retailed for $1,560.

    This would be $1,934 in todays inflated dollars.

    Also, the original 706 came stripped with no filters. The 7000 had digital IF filters as standard equipment.

    I agree that rigs like the FT-857 are a tremendous value for the money. No way is the IC-7000 going to be 2.5 X better than the 857.

    However, when Icom ships them, they will probably have a backlog of orders.

  6. NA5XX

    NA5XX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wonder if it will include the 60 meter channels?
  7. W5ZZ

    W5ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Features/Specifications: GENERAL
    • Frequency coverage :
    Receive 0.030–199.999MHz* 2 400.000–470.000MHz
    Transmit 1.800– 1.999MHz 3.500– 3.999MHz

    5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3665, 5.3715, 5.4035MHz [​IMG]

    7.000– 7.300MHz 10.100–10.150MHz
    14.000–14.350MHz 18.068–18.168MHz
    21.000–21.450MHz 24.890–24.990MHz
    28.000–29.700MHz 50.000–54.000MHz
    144.000–148.000MHz 430.000–450.000MHz
  8. KE4IKY

    KE4IKY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why would ICOM make a radio that goes to 70cm and put TWO SO-239 connectors on it?

    It's almost insulting, do they really think we can't put a
    "N" or BNC connector together?
  9. AE2NY

    AE2NY QRZ Member QRZ Page

    I just went to both and Icom Japan's site and neither site have the IC-7000 listed yet.

    RigPix has it, but none of the Icom sites do. How is it that there's no price on Icom's site?

    Anthony - W8ANT
  10. N2NH

    N2NH Ham Member QRZ Page

    April 1st vaporware?
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