Is 7O6T operation legitimate?

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by 4X1UN, May 2, 2012.

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  1. K0SAV

    K0SAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    The radio amateur community is so small that they will feel justified in ignoring the issue, without risking international prestige.
  2. 4Z1UF

    4Z1UF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Regarding JY: there was a nice activity from there two years ago: JY7P. They worked with us nicely (probably in order not to create such a storm as here today) but after the DXpedition was over- they wiped ALL the 4X/4Z contacts from their logs!!! Lucky me, I have a card from JY1.
    And apologies for typos in the previous post, gentlemen :)
    73! Ilya 4Z1UF
  3. IW5EIJ

    IW5EIJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Probably i missed something but... where's wrote they're prohibited to work 4X calls? Who said this?
    Is it a metropolitan legend?
    Many words about nothing...

    By the way in Italia there was a man who said "many foe much honor" history didn't give him an "happy ending"...
  4. W6UDO

    W6UDO Ham Member QRZ Page

    With that I'm no longer going to waste my time trying to break their pile ups. There is no room in Amateur Radio for this kind of behavior or rule-making or whatever you want to term it. And in response to another post on this thread, in support of the Nation of Israel.
    Very 73...Joe
  5. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's not right. But it is the law of the land.

    They break the law & get caught... if they're still in country, they face fines, jail, or worse. And the prospects for Amateur Radio operation in the future get put in jeopardy. If it gets discovered after they leave, the prospects for Amateur Radio operation in the future get put in jeopardy. On top of that, whomever is sponsoring them, or is vouching for their actions with the government & military, could also end up in jeopardy, and certainly would think twice about doing this again in the future.

    Is that the image that you want Amateur Radio to leave behind? That they bend or break the rules for their own reasons?

    This isn't "appeasement." This is following the law, the rules & regulations and conditions set forth for the license to be granted.

    It is most unfortunate that certain governments have decided to restrict those that they license from contacting those licensed by other governments. I certainly don't think it's right. But that is the way it is.
  6. KD4POJ

    KD4POJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Back in 1993 I had the unique privilege to operate from HZ1AB the former club station in Dhahran KSA. There were 5 rules of operating that station. 1. Never could say your exact location...only the city name. 2. Never use more than I think at that time a max of 600 watts. 3. Never say anything derogatory about the country or government. 4. Never use your home callsign. and 5th and most important at that time was NEVER EVERY work 4Z, YI, EP.

    As I was operating under the clubs call and did not wish to bring any trouble to the club and it operators I followed those rules. It was the conditions under which the KSA allowed Ham Radio by foreign operators to have privileges to operate within their country. It was not my politics or the club members politics, but the rules were set down and we followed them so we could enjoy the hobby. I am sure many of the operators including myself would have loved to put everyone in the logs. But we could not.

    I remember one night being on the Central EU DX net OE6EEG Dr Selim (SK) was Net control and an 4Z called me. I did not answer him, I could not, without risking the clubs license. The 4Z station asked Dr Selim if I was still there and he said yes. I explained to Dr. Selim that I did hear the station at 57 but I was prohibited from working the 4Z and could not and would not risk the clubs license. I did hear the 4Z station tell Selim that he understood and that was it. I also could not log that station, because they were subject to inspection by the KSA authorities. IT was not my rules or my politics it was the conditions I had to work with.

    So why is it that you put blame on the 7O team because they are following the conditions of their license? Do you wish them to work you and be shut down when they do? Do you think that the 7O authorities are not listening to whats going on? Do you think they would let just one slip by without reacting? If you are so compassionate as I believe you to be, why would you question your fellow hams. Or is it that you would have them pulled off the air and ruin it for everyone else because you can't work them? Sounds pretty selfish to me.

    I for one don't like the politics of many countries but keep my personal views out of the hobby. I will work them for the pleasure of working a new one and seeing that others get a chase to work them also. This is not the first country to put limits on operations and won't be the last. The ARRL is not going to step in to a Political battle between two countries. Its not their job and not their place. That is the place of politicians as you have already pointed out. So maybe you can convince your countries politicians to work with the other, to forgo the issues of HAM radio? Don't try to get someone from the outside to fight the political issues, get YOUR politicians to do it. Have your politicians get ham radio excluded from the issues between your two countries. Maybe that would be a step toward peace for everyone.

    Further politics have always been part of ham radio whether you want to believe it or not. Many countries over the years have excluded their adversaries from communicating with each other. This isn't the first time and won't be the last.
  7. WK5X

    WK5X Guest

    It sounds like the Russian operators are making a backdoor effort to accommodate Israeli amateurs. The Yemeni policy is hate and jealousy based.
  8. K8WHB

    K8WHB Ham Member QRZ Page


    I too have a card from JY1 from back in the 1970s - one of my most prized cards along with K7UGA.

    Unfortunately Abdulla II is not 1/10 the man his father was . . .
  9. KD4POJ

    KD4POJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    If I am not mistaken at one time Vietnam was on that list that US operators could not work. Think there was a time when there were more than one on the list.
  10. WM3O

    WM3O Ham Member QRZ Page

    i doubt the government of Yemen cares what you think and the created state of Israel has been a problem since the West carved up the region. welcome to the effects of Imperialism.
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