ICOM IC-705 Feature Walk-Through

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KI6NAZ, Sep 5, 2020.

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  1. KD2LFG

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    I also use a G90 and carry my FT3D for VHF/UHF. Since my area uses C4FM and wires X a lot on local repeaters, the FT3D is a no brainer. I also use the FT3D to connect wires x back to my PDN base station. Something the IC 705 would not be able to do. I do like the feature set of the IC 705 and the ability to do digital with one USB is attractive.
  2. KD2LFG

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    There is a maxim that the lower the tech a society is, the more resilient the society. Primitive, pastoral cultures can recover from a disaster much quicker than high tech societies. A rural community can feed and take care of itself much easier than those in a central urban area.
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  3. KD2LFG

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    That's my combo. I have a FT 891 built as a manpack with a SCU-17, 10 AMP lithium battery and even a SDR switch with a raspberry pi. I bring along a powerfilm solar panel if I need extra power. Along with the FT3D, I pretty much have it covered. If I want to go lighter, I grab the G90 instead of the FT 891. All are man portable.
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  4. W1VKE

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    I am new to ham radio compared to almost every one here. I have a Yaseu Ft950 that I use a lot less compared to my Yaseu Ft818. Maybe it is because I am an introvert, but I really enjoy the challenge of QRP. I am by no means an electrician expert nor do I know how to make my own antennas. I do really enjoy having fun with ham radio and I respect all the rules and etiquette.
    I plan on getting an IC705 as soon as I can afford to. People will say that this can’t be a beginners rig or a person’s only rig, but I think it totally depends on the person and what their goals are in the hobby. I believe that a person can use this as their only radio if they have an absolute handle on what their goals are and they have patience.
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  5. KD2LFG

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    I now have an IC 705 on order, even though it did stretch the budget a little. I have a IC 7300 and I am familiar with Icom's way of doing things. The big advantage of the IC 705 is its ease of digital use with only one USB and also a built in GPS for FT8 and JS8. This simplifies thing quite a bit when going both portable and digital. All you will need is one USB cable and a small tablet. My other radios require a rat's nest of wires between interfaces, PTT, ect...
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