HR2.0 - Orlando Hamcation 2022 | Ham Radio Hamfest Planning and What To Expect

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC5HWB, Oct 18, 2021.

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  1. KC5HWB

    KC5HWB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Replay of the livestream where I welcome Michael and John from the Orlando Hamcation Committee to talk about the upcoming 2022 Orlando Hamcation Hamfest - the 2nd largest Hamfest in the USA! What should we expect or look for this show in February 2022?


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  2. HA3FLT

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    Once upon a time there was the Content, and maybe inside the end cover, you could see a small picture of the Author, and it was already so postmodern. But today...
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  3. AD4ZU

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    Yeah no kidding!
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  4. K7CB

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    QRZ has become nothing more than a website for "YouTubers" to post links to increase their viewership and revenue. To each their own and if others like seeing these paid for videos that's fine. But I have no interest in them and, as a paid subscriber, I wish there was a way I could configure the QRZ home page based on my account to filter these videos out and display content that I am interested in.
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  5. M1WML

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  6. HA3FLT

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    I tried to bookmark and use the New Posts page, but I'm too weak not to try look at what candies are on the main page...
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  7. 2E0TWD

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    Amazing Presentation thanks Jason, those 2 gentlemen clearly work incredibly hard, with I’m sure many others. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to this incredible hobby (UK). I would love to be there it sounds like an amazing event and Huge too. I love National Hamfest here but this sounds like something else, I cannot believe how much is going on. I’m going to look into flights and the Hotels from their website. Great information as always.

    I’m sorry to say it seems the comments here are very negative, again. Just know Jason this Human being wants you, as a fellow Human being to be as fulfilled and happy as you can be enjoying what you do. 100k think the same.
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  8. KK9W

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    Ad Block works wonders. Anytime I see a poopy face or pointy finger YouGoober, I just right click and select Ad Block, block ad, and select the image to be blocked and confirm selection. No more YouGoobers for the life cycle of the content on the front page.
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  9. HA3FLT

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    AdBlock is so 2010's... we use uBlock Origin now, it's much better. And Blokada on Android.
  10. K7CB

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    I'm sorry that you feel not being interested in watching YouTube videos is negative. Nowhere did I say he can't be fulfilled and happy doing these videos. I feel it's unfortunate that you take things out of context. I simply said that as a paid subscriber I wish there was a way for me to configure the page so I could see content that I am interested in. As it stands now...almost every item on the home page is a link to someone's video that they get paid for and I'm simply not interested in those. If you are - great! Have at it. If I want to see one of those videos I know how to get to YouTube and do a search.
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