Ham Radio Smartphone DMR RFinder M1 VHF/UHF

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KJ4YZI, Feb 23, 2017.

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  1. W5KUB

    W5KUB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tues night live on Amateur Radio Roundtable we will have Bob Greenberg W2CYK the chief cook and bottle washer of RFinder to discuss all of this.
    you can watch the show at w5kub.com Tues Feb 28 at 8:00 PM central time. our show is also simulcast on shortwave station WBCQ on 5130 Khz. We will also be giving away 2 subscriptions to RFinder to lucky viewers.
  2. WB4YQS

    WB4YQS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting, unfortunately just purchased IPhone 7s and CD75o. Oh well!
  3. SA4ATH

    SA4ATH Ham Member QRZ Page

    yes, I have see some vhf cellphone combo but I like one without touch screen.

    just a tough phone : )
  4. KE5UBO

    KE5UBO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Except of course if you drop it ducky side down!
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  5. N9TD

    N9TD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would also like to see a dual-bander 2m/440... of course, as soon as I saw that, I would be wanting 6m and 220. My reasoning is simple, really. Each of the bands get used, but I only need one phone, and more importantly, I only need to be paying a major carrier for one line of service. Great job on putting the concepts together!
  6. W0IW

    W0IW Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. KC9TUS

    KC9TUS Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. K4OIB

    K4OIB Ham Member QRZ Page

    The article says it is a smartphone with DMR so yes you can make calls on a smartphone.
  9. SA6CKE

    SA6CKE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't think there's one yet, but I got the CAT S60 phone last Saturday and it can take dual SIMs as well as a micro SD card. As a bonus it has an IR camera and it's not filled with bloatware that can't be removed.
  10. N3YKF

    N3YKF QRZ Member QRZ Page

    These look nice. Will be in Binghamton, NY in two months. Is there a trade show in NY/NJ/PA you'll be attending. Just want to experience it before dropping the $$$.

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