Green Keys Day

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by K8BZ, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. K8BZ

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    The first, of I hope regular, Green Keys Nights was January 1st to coincide with Straight Key Night. The purpose of the event as per the ARRL was to promote the restoration and use of vintage mechanical teleprinters.

    It's been decades since I owned and used a Teletype Model 15 on the air. But I was anxious to get on and see how many of these great machines were out there and in working condition. I opted to use my most vintage RTTY capable gear; a Kam Plus TNC in RTTY mode via a dumb terminal. I did work a hand full of stations that used a Mod 28 or 15. It was great to hear the stories behind the machines. I'm sure that several of them were shuffled off to the storage room when various data QSO's became an exchange of macro files.

    Don't misunderstand me. I have no problem with ANY of the various ways hams can achieve a data contact. I just think it is very important to preserve the few mechanical teleprinters remaining and give the owners a reason to keep them in functioning condition e.g. Green Keys Night. The amateur bands are the last remaining home for these wonderful machines that are a marvel to see in operation.

    If there is anything from my amateur radio past that I could have back it's my good ol' Model 15. There was a 2 meter RTTY repeater in Pinconning MI back then. My machine would be left on Auto-Start when I went to work. And I could wait until midnight when I got home to read through the feet of paper laying on the floor behind the teletype. Everything from 2 way keyboard QSO's to bulletins and feet of RTTY art. I also had a 28ASR that was in excellent condition but it was geared for 100 wpm and at that time I couldn't find a source for the 45 baud gears so I never got it on the air.

    Those machines are worth restoring and using. Many thanks to those who let these machines occupy valuable space in their radio shacks and who keep them operating. If you have any mechanical RTTY gear I would love to hear where it came from and how you use it.
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