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Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page


    Key words: "One would hope." Rules changes require a NPRM and a comment period, etc., ad nauseum. And for streamlining to take place there would have to be a public outcry for reform, backed by Congress. In fact, I think Congress asked the FCC to downsize and modernize several years ago. They're probably still performing the time study.

    You said, "If one wants the 'thousand sets of ears', one has to make sure the follow-through works." That's for sure. I've spoken to many, many hams who told me, we've been complaining for 20 years, nothing has happened and nothing will happen, but feel free to write and monitor and send in tape recordings and signed complaints. I first contacted Riley in 2002. He was receptive. Four years later we're finally at a place where something seems to be happening.

    What's required is a cultural change at the FCC. First, they'd have to decide a faster pace would be worth it, then they'd have to allocate resources to study the problems and come up with suggestions to resolve those problems. Actually, strike that last; first they'd need to acknowledge a problem.

    You've worked with large bureaucratic institutions so you know the Herculean effort required to get a water cooler installed. Streamlining a process in an organization as big as the FCC, in a low priority area like ham radio, where no real money is involved -- I think the chances of seeing change is about as likely Santa bringing me one of those big new Alpha amplifiers next Christmas. But, you're right, one can always hope.
  2. W4FJM

    W4FJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Misunderstood? Always was and probably always will be, OM, but that's another story. lol.

    To wrap up, all I was saying is it's one thing to think you are doing something constructive even if it backfires, and knowing that what you are doing is simply dead wrong. I am well aware of the rules of the amateur radio service regarding the fact that NOBODY owns any band, frequency, or time slots therein. Somebody needs to get this fact through to the jammers. It would not surprise me if these were some of the same people who jam the hurricane emergency nets, the maritime nets, etc., just because such operations dare to do something they don't like on "their" frequencies.

    Anyway, 73, all. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this affair.
  3. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page


    Agreed. If we knew who the jammers were, we might be able to do something about them, but since they don't identify themselves, it's up to the FCC (or volunteers) to use direction finding equipment to track them down. They might not even be licensed hams for all we know.

    Listen to 14.275 at around 6 PM Eastern time daily. A Canadian station (Baxter's co-host) frequently uses obscene language. His station sounds like hammered rat crap and he talks about the "Faggot Communications Commission" and "Riley's Bath House" a lot.  He also makes frequent references to "sucking" and "kneeling." He's usually on the air less than 5 minutes before the music and the white noise and the unidentified comments begin.

    I understand the motivation behind the jamming. People want to prevent his idiocy from being heard so they try to drown him out. It's not right that the jammers do this, in fact it's illegal, but it is understandable. I liken it to a group of citizens shouting down a Klan spokesman at a public rally, except that it's happening on the radio. Again, I'm not saying I condone it, but I think I understand it.
  4. W4FJM

    W4FJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Okay, well, anyway thanks for an interesting exchange of views on this thing. Didn't catch the handle. If I were in Glenn's shoes, I would have given up years ago. Even if my actions were 100 percent legal, if something I did generated such a firestorm, I would still cease and desist for the greater good of the amateur radio service. But that's just me.

  5. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree Frank. If something I was doing generated dozens of complaints, or even a few legitimate complaints, I'd have to look at what I was doing -- and I surely wouldn't continue doing it after being contacted by the Commission. That's just asking for trouble.

  6. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. N9VO

    N9VO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  8. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Jim,

    Interesting QSL cards. Those cards date to the days when Glenn Baxter helped out a lunatic on the island of Bougainville who tried to forcefully obtain independence from Papua New Guinea. The man's name was Francis Ona. He died last summer of malaria. Ona blew up the power lines to the mine (Panguna, operated by Rio Tinto) where he worked as a surveyor. Ona declared the mine a "no-go zone," meaning anyone entering without his permission would be shot and killed.

    When soldiers came from Paua New Guinea to retake the mine, Francis Ona and friends murdered the soldiers, who in turn, fired on and killed Ona's friends, which led to a very bloody civil war.

    Ona didn't have any communications equipment, so Baxter's IARN took up a collection and sent equipment to Bougainville. Marxist anarchists turned Bougainville into a cause celebre and painted the revolution as a native proletariat retaking their land from their former colonial masters. When criticized, Baxter said he would "expose the politicians and take his case to the people."

    Francis Ona used Baxter's donated equipment to set up a clandestine broadcast station which was used for propaganda purposes and to recruitment. Ona was able to recruit a lot of young, ignorant, and poor villagers because he promised them a share in the mine's profits after he "liberated it" and "reclaimed it" for the people.

    IARN Director Sam Voron set up and maintained the equipment for Ona's Bougainville Revolutionary Army. The mine never reopened. Before he died, Ona called on the islanders to resist the ongoing peace efforts. He made his announcements via IARN donated equipment from the no-go zone around the abandoned mine.

    Ona also declared himself King of the Island, which he renamed Me'ekamui, or "promised land." By that time the people's interest in war, disease, and hunger had faded and Ona became a marginalized figure, still holed up ion the mine, but one who would never return to power.

    The government of Australia was considering charging Sam Voron with violating the foreign incursion act for running the naval blockade around the island, but MP Gareth Owens said they never got around to it because they were too busy helping Papau New Guinea fight the smuggling operations, arms dealing, prostitution, murder, and piracy that resulted from "Ona's revolution."

    That's just one world event Glenn Baxter was involved in which led to a direct loss of life. Estimates are that up to 20,000 people died. Our country didn't have much of an interest in Baxter's aid to the BRA. Of course, if these events had occurred after 9/11, there might have been a very different outcome.

    The link below leads to a story about how Ona was influenced by a couple of con men interested in gaining fame and fortune at the expense of the lives of the people living in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea. The article is dated 23 March, 2006, however, it's an old story.

    "King Ona" & Other Con Men
  9. K4JF

    K4JF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Irrelevant. The frequency (which I believe was on 75m) was clear at the time the QSO commenced, and that is all the rules require. Under no circumstances is a ham required to avoid a frequency in the event another ham may decide to use it at another (or even the same) time. Period.
  10. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some people just don't understand...

    Baxter sent me an email this morning indicating that he continues to believe that people who use a frequency prior to one of his scheduled broadcasts are at fault and he also seems to think that his Forfeiture Order includes interference to the Boy Scouts.

    I had to inform him that K1MAN's interference to the Boy Scouts on October 14th, 2004 is not in the Forfeiture Order. If he can't even interpret the Forfeiture Order how is he going to fight the FCC in court? Incidentally, Baxter now has 8 days to pay his debt to the US government. I sure hope his payment gets there on schedule.

    On schedule, get it?
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