FreeDV Digital HF Voice QSO Party Apr 27/28th

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK5GR, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. G3SEA

    G3SEA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cool :cool:

    Another tool in the ever expanding box of tricks.

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  2. KQ2P

    KQ2P Ham Member QRZ Page

    Any takers on this. I have download software, not working yet but will try to finger it out.
    You know old 75 rpm records worked fine who needs CD's or DVD's hi hi.
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  3. KQ2P

    KQ2P Ham Member QRZ Page

    Any takers on this. I have download software, not working yet but will try to finger it out.
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  4. K9KQX

    K9KQX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have it installed and tried it but couldn't find anyone to make a contact. I think it's an interesting development and should be tried just to see how well it works. For the nay sayers , I remember reading similar attitudes about SSB back in the day. Of course way before my time. And also the comments about dtv, I personally have had some of the longest distance tv reception in my life. Just this past December I was picking up 3 Detroit tv stations and I live in the Western suburbs of Chicago. About a year ago I was picking a tv station in Traverse City Michigan. All of it was due to some exceptional tropospheric ducting. Which 2m was kicking some serious butt that night too, which was really cool. As for storms I live like 30 miles from the transmitters which isn't to far and only a few times have bad storms interfered with tv reception.
  5. K3RW

    K3RW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wondered that too--since its digital I'm wondering if either the first signal in gets in and knocks out the others, or if the strongest one in wins.
  6. K3RW

    K3RW Ham Member QRZ Page

    For us NOOBs, does this go through a gateway to work? Would these QSOs count in HF SSB or phone contests, for example?

    I'm wondering if my IC-7100 can do it via its Digital Voice mode and not need the software/CODEC/etc. ??
  7. WA3YRE

    WA3YRE Ham Member QRZ Page

    With respect to TV when TV went digital I had to increase the height of my mother's tv antenna and add a pre-amp just to get 2/3 of the stations she used to get on analog. her home was on a mountain top 70 miles from Pittsburgh.

    We tried to buy her a digital TV to replace the converter box connected to the old analog TV and we could not find one that could get more than 1 station compared to the converter which could get 6. While the problem with DTV as a technology is that it is all or nothing I think the bigger problem is makers of TVs and Tuners not putting the thought into the RF portion of the RX. They just are not as sensitive as they should be and good luck getting any rx sensitivity figures out of any of the makers.

    Comments I have seen in this thread on FreeDV make me want to set up a small box with i/o for several radios and mics and give it a try with my existing equipment.
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  8. KG5GCC

    KG5GCC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I installed and setup the FreeDV 1.3.1 software. Tested the transmit function into a dummy load and can hear the digital sound from the TX Monitor on my radio. The waterfall is receiving fine. All I need now is to find a station transmitting so I can see how it decodes. Looks pretty cool.
  9. K9KQX

    K9KQX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'd agree with you on manufactures putting little to no effort into tuners these days. The vast majority of tuners I've seen in stereo receivers and TV's aren't any bigger then a box of Tic Tacs. They're a sorry excuse for a tuner. So I guess I'm lucky where i am in being able to pull in TV stations without problems. I feel sorry for ya guys having to struggle with TV reception.

    As for HF digital, one of the guys inquired if this goes through a gateway or internet, in this case it does not use the internet at all. So a contact should be valid. Now the real test will be trying to figure out whos signal wins and how you can manage to decipher with more then one person talking.
  10. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I won't get into the debate about the technical or potential practical merits of DV on HF for typical Amateur Radio use. Lets just say I am skeptical, for the same reasons why amplitude modulated voice, with or without carrier, is still primarily used for aircraft communication, over FM or anything digitized.

    Rarely do I hear signals on HF ham bands that sound like DV. I think many heard are actually digital EasyPal SSTV on 14.233 mHz. So I think its a great idea to hold a QSO Party event (similar to the recent AM Rally) in an attempt to generate interest in at least trying and test driving DV on HF.

    HOWEVER, I have a concern and question for the sponsor - two of the most valuable suggested frequencies on the 20 and 15 meter bands (highlighted in red above) fall outside of the USA FCC designated band allocations for Voice modes. The 80 and 40m are outside of the General class license as well. I'm pretty sure DV is not to be considered a "data" mode.

    So if you want to optimize participation, reconsider changing or adding to those Centre Frequencies.

    Good luck and 73! John WØPV

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