BM XTG Dialer for DV4mini v1.1 Released

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K2IE, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. K2IE

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    Users of the DV4mini dongle now have an easier way to access Brandmeister extended talk groups. The stock DV4mini client allows connection to Brandmeister reflectors but using the extended talkgroups has typically required an external mobile phone application or the use of the Brandmeister website. So I set out to see if I could create a "Dialer" program that I could use on my Raspberry Pi 3 with touch screen and either key in a TG number or press a memory button. The result is my "BM XTG Dialer" and it is free for you to use. You should have some basic Linux skills to help you get started because you'll need to edit some configuration files to adapt it to your situation.


    You can download the program here. It is written in Python and requires GTK, so it will run on ANY Linux platform that supports those two packages. This is my first attempt at a Python/GTK application, so constructive comments are appreciated. I hope that some of you find this utility to be useful.
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  2. W5YAG

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    Has transmit quality increased?
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  3. KI8W

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    Using this device to "transmit" your voice or data over the internet, in my opinion, is not ham radio.
  4. K0RGR

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    That looks like a great accessory. I have an extra Raspberry Pi that I might have to add a touchscreen to just to run this.

    All the VoIP modes are not 'real radio' though in the case of the DV4mini, you must use a radio to get into the system. Yes, when the Rooskies (or I guess it's the Red Chinese we're supposed to fear now) decide to invade, the Internet will probably be less reliable than the ionosphere. But short of that, the Internet is a pretty useful thing. At least with the DV4Mini, you must have a DV radio to use the system.
  5. N0YPD

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  6. K5JM

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    I'm always amused by hams who feel the need to let others know what they do and do not consider ham radio.

    To the original poster of this thread ...Outstanding idea OM!

    Thankfully there's enough room in the world for us to each enjoy different areas of the hobby.
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