2 Meters … The New CB Band Of Interference?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB4IME, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. K6MFW

    K6MFW Ham Member QRZ Page

    There was a time when parachutists were pretty reckless with "anything goes" mentality, but there were forward thinking people in the sport who understood a need to clean up their act and form the US Parachute Association with Basic Safety Regulations and instructor/training requirements. Otherwise the FAA will come in with a lot more regulation and probably legislate the sport out of existence. fyi, FAA does have regulations on sport parachuting but these are mostly about protecting aircraft and subjects on the ground.

    Likewise there was a time when hang-gliders were pretty reckless with "anything goes" mentality, but there were thinking people in the sport who understood a need to clean up their act, like the USPA they formed the USHGA otherwise the government would legislate the sport out of existence.
  2. WA8FOZ

    WA8FOZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    upload_2018-11-6_14-15-34.jpeg [​IMG]

    In case K6MFW's example is not followed......Just use nerf rounds in Photo #2; Photo #1 speaks for itself.
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  3. WB4HIE

    WB4HIE Ham Member QRZ Page

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  4. WA7KKP

    WA7KKP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yanno, when these #$%^#$^ guys are caught using our band/frequencies, we should show them either FRS or MURS radios. They can buy FRS radios just about anywhere, and as long as the users are line of sight, they work really well. And with some you can get an earphone/mic accessory.

    I just don't want to se another 28.085 debacle happen . . . . sniff sniff

    Gary WA7KKP
  5. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    "I've always thought of that type personality as somewhat lacking in normal behaviors in so many ways. Having been in law enforcement for 20 years (no retired), those were the type personalities I constantly came in contact with."


    Apparently a former ham was well known trying 'parasailing'. I believe he had his license revoked---N9OGL. Here is a web picture of him with his parasail...no evidence he got off the ground though.

    That's all I've seen about hams and parasailing.....

  6. KA2RRK

    KA2RRK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Everyone listens. They think that since they only use it on weekends or something less, they won't get
    caught. I guess it is but another challenge for us.

  7. K8WZS

    K8WZS Ham Member QRZ Page

    so this HAS been going on for decades and you are NOW just a little upset . Hell this so called NEW CB fad also involves hunters , militia , truckers ..and the list goes on and on . YOUR ARRL was notified of this use back in 2000 and their lame answer WAS ..... get this ....... IGNORE IT AS IT WILL GO AWAY. And when hams kept complaining TOO MUCH they were told if they continued their ARRL membership would be cancelled . So put that in your ARRL pipe and inhale BIG ! This isn't KANSAS anymore Toto .
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  8. KG7VTO

    KG7VTO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll not lose any sleep over this either. Yet another inflated story designed to strike fear in the hearts of good hams everywhere.
    Chill out Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.
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  9. N4UFO

    N4UFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    They don't know that!

    Recently launched amateur satellites have had to change their design to require UHF uplinks and VHF downlinks because of both unlicensed and licensed interference from many sources on 2m... taxicabs on other countries, truck drivers, etc. AND stuff just like this. But then there are ALSO fully licensed hams who don't consult the band plans... they simply dial up a 'random' frequency, don't hear anyone and just assume it's okay to transmit... Sorry, not the case. It's quiet because it's an UPLINK channel and the satellite never transmits there; but make NO mistake... it HEARS YOU even at QRP levels. This is no different than someone trying to work simplex on a repeater input... well, except that repeater's coverage is hundreds if not thousands of miles!

    One time I listened to two truck drivers about five miles apart having a 'private' conversation over two meters which was being relayed ALL OVER North America on the FO-29 satellite. Then there is some type of internet chat remote base somewhere in the SE US that has been interfering with the SO-50 satellite literally FOR YEARS. No one can ever grab a callsign to start the detective work because it's not using a PL tone and only snippets of audio ever make it through the squelch. (It's worse on Saturday mornings when there is some kind of net coming over it.) Some cases where an individual will set up a 'cross band repeater' at home to relay the local repeater to an HT... those take some sleuthing, but can very often be found.

    And now the latest threat is digital ham radio signals, perhaps hotspots, being tuned up on the new UHF uplink frequencies. Those get distorted and are very difficult if not impossible to decode. Please... check the band plan. Don't just listen for a day or two, hear nothing and 'call it good'.

    Bottom line... I agree, this unlicensed activity should be actively discouraged. And when you talk to them tell, them that a satellite might be relaying them for hundreds/thousands of miles and they won't hear a thing. BUT also, please, before you set up a device on the VHF/UHF bands on a 'random' frequency, please consult the band plans and avoid the satellite sub-bands.

    Thanks! 73
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  10. N6JPG

    N6JPG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Excellent Point!!!

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