GRE stops making scanners -- Radio Referencee

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KA5S, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. KA5S

    KA5S Subscriber QRZ Page

    This came across my screen from the GRE PS-500 Yahoo Groups mailing list. It quotes an announcement on the Radio Reference forums.

    There is nothing on this (as yet) at the GRE USA and GRE Japan Web sites -- and there is nothing about it showing up via a Web search for news relating to the company.

    Readers will remember that Alinco had
    partnered with GRE USA as its US distributor. This appears to be continuing, as is GRE support at GRE USA. The Alinco Web site also has nothing on this as yet.


  2. K2OOL

    K2OOL Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. WW7F

    WW7F Guest

    Maybe it is just a sign of the times, not much open scanner traffic these days.
    Plus just a hunch maybe they are retooling to make ham gear or diversify when they restart .
    I hope so, hate to see another company go away. 73,Michelle
  4. N8YN

    N8YN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I sure hope GRE doesn't go away......I just love their scanners and have several and have plans to buy another new my area of southeast Ohio there is plenty of open scanner traffic....lots of townships, villages and small towns can not afford MARCS radios......

  5. N6CAZ

    N6CAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Truly sad to hear. As a casual scanner user who used both Uniden and GRE scanners, I became a GRE fan after learning their PSR-600. Once I got the hang of the trunking on those, I never wanted to deal with any other. The reps were at a convention in San Diego a year ago, and I was impressed with what they were showing.

    Here's to hoping this is a bump in the road, and that partnerships will lead to a return. Don't they still make most of the Radio Shack scanners? What will they do? Hmmm...
  6. N6AJR

    N6AJR Ham Member QRZ Page

    It could be the disaster in japan wiped out the factory, or some critical supplier, and they can no longer manufacture over ther. Just a guess
  7. KB6LA

    KB6LA Ham Member QRZ Page

    My PRO-106 (a/k/a the GRE PSR-500) does a fine job of following the APCO-25 digital systems (mostly cops and City workers) in Los Angeles. These are "open" systems, but they're digital, so the range of scanners available for these signals is limited.
  8. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I lived in Mansfield for 55 years and never heard of your town. Must be a mite small.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  9. N0FPE

    N0FPE Ham Member QRZ Page

    After reading thru a couple of threads it looks like GRE is NOT going to make scanners for Radio Shack anymore. It does not say anywhere that they are going to completely stop making them. Now thats not to say this is not the case but there is absolutly no information from GRE to this fact as of now. Its all hype and guess right now. How about everyone wait until there is REAL solid information.

  10. N7UR

    N7UR Ham Member QRZ Page

    GRE America was a major exhibitor at last weekends ARRL National Convention at Pacificon in Santa Clara, California. Nothing that I saw indicated that GRE scanners were going way. In fact, we discussed their exhibiting at the Puerto Rico State Convention in January 2013.
  11. K0NEB

    K0NEB Ham Member QRZ Page


    I saw their booth at Pacificon, too...they had scanners that get all of the new digital modes and one that came preprogrammed by your location..not sure how this rumor got started.
  12. K4FUS

    K4FUS Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's really possible that they are going to stop making scanners for RadioShack... RadioShack it's not even close to what use to be on the past when the store really was related to RADIO, and DYI electronics.
  13. KK2DOG

    KK2DOG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  14. KG4KKN

    KG4KKN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hope this is going to turn out OK. Own two PSR-800s and was looking forward to the PSR-900.
  15. WE5TXS

    WE5TXS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Personally I think this is a bunch of bull puckey! Nothing on the website indicates that they have ceased production.:confused:
  16. N6RLS

    N6RLS Subscriber QRZ Page

    Radio Shack at the moment seems to be at least trying in the DIY area (Arduino, etc...) but I don't know how much interest or follow-through has developed amongst those of us who've bemoaned RS's up-til-now desertion of this area for cell phones and other things.

    As for GRE - it's not unheard of for things to look "normal" (big display at Pacificon, etc...) right up to the instant Corporate drops the hammer down.
  17. N8YN

    N8YN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    To TOM, K8ERV

    Franklin Furnace, Ohio is located on U.S. RT. #52 East from Portsmouth, New Boston and Wheelersburg....Next town on 52 east is Ironton, South Point......hope this gives you some idea where this little mite town

  18. WA8ZYT

    WA8ZYT Ham Member QRZ Page

    More and more governmental agencies are going encrypted. I work in public safety radio, and heck, even us technicians have encryption. I think the new Moto APX radios have ADP for a $1 option now with one key, you can load via RSS.
  19. WA2OLZ

    WA2OLZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Roger that! I needed a SO-239 barrel last weekend. I called the local Rat Shack before driving up there. They had no idea what a coax connector is, never mind an SO-239.

    It is a business reality that there is insufficient demand to support them being an electronics shop, but c'mon, even the chicken band guys need connectors at times!

    "At Radio Shock you have questions; We have no clue"
  20. WA6ITF

    WA6ITF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Question: As anyone on this forum taken 5 minutes to call GRE and either confirm or deny the story?
    No? Why not?
    Oh, wait a minute: If it was printed on the Internet it "must be true... NOT!!!"
    Don't worry: You can all sit there and ruminate over an Internet rumor. Ill do your job for you and will have the information -- hopefully -- in next weeks Amateur Radio Newsline report.
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