Yaesu Announces FT-70DR 5W Dual-Band C4FM HT

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W4LKO, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. KE0IMD

    KE0IMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for the clarification. My mind went straight to the UV-5R... frankly, I didn't even know Baofeng made a digital radio. Call me silly. I agree with your other points.

  2. W4KYR

    W4KYR Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. N8SA

    N8SA Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is a problem with licensing of the Chips necessary to do all the modes......so WHEN they come out, the price is expected to be between $1000-$1600. Too rich for my blood. I like the Fusion because they did not alienate all the Analog users when switching. Repeater switches automatically for user. Try that with DMR or DSTAR? IMHO of course.
  4. N8SA

    N8SA Ham Member QRZ Page

    And they stole patents and other technology in the process. Stick with LEGIT radios IMHO. Motorola suing one of the companies who stole their DMR technology. I believe it is HYTERA who stole their DMR Level 3 proprietary technology.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2017
  5. N8SA

    N8SA Ham Member QRZ Page

    The only other existing FUSION HT (FT2DR) is $379.00 If you WANT Fusion it is a VERY GOOD price. If you only want the Analog side it is a very big waste of money and technology. YMMV.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2017
  6. N8SA

    N8SA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I dont understand they receive GREAT......everything at once without changing the channel........HA! Not an HT fan really. I Like the larger mobiles with REAL FILTERING much better! But if you drop a BAOFENG in a creek or step on it you are not out much. Their version of DMR is absolutely awful sounding! IMHO
  7. N8SA

    N8SA Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. NC5P

    NC5P Ham Member QRZ Page

    You are thinking about IMBE used by P25 (phase 2 uses AMBE+2 but is only released in trunking configuration). DVSI is still "milking" this for public safety customers and charging a large fee for it. DMR and Fusion both use the same AMBE+2 vocoder. Even the bit rate is the same on both. Bridges are popping up (plus the Shark RF hotspot) between the modes and they just pass the codec data through to the other side. I have heard Fusion radios come out on DMR side and they sound great. It would be very easy for Yaesu to add DMR to these radios (well not the mobiles since they use relays for T/R switching). The HT's use pin diodes which would work fine. It's just having enough memory for the code. Kenwood has proven the technique of multiple digital modes in one radio so it can be done.

    As for repeater switching automatically, Motorola invented that feature back in the 1990's. Nearly all ham P25 repeaters are configured that way. The radios can also be programmed to automatically receive either analog or digital. DMR repeaters can do mixed but generally they can't be on the network when configured this way. There is a DMR repeater in Tempe, AZ set up like that.

    As far as alienating analog users, some repeaters have had jamming as a result of angry analog users finding digital "noise" on their repeater. They don't seem to heed the advice to use PL on their receivers. I had a Fusion QSO jammed once. We increased power and he went away, obviously using an HT while both of us were on 400's. Mixed mode is a double edge sword. I think it's probably a good idea in some locations where repeaters are limited. In larger cities it is probably best to switch the repeater over to digital full time. Some clubs have done this with their little used UHF side while keeping VHF analog.
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  9. KN3O

    KN3O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yaesu FTM-3200DR is 2m FM/C4FM
    150 dollars. Which was what I was referencing N8SA
  10. KE0IMD

    KE0IMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you read through my posts, you'll see that I largely agree. I don't really have an issue with a new ham buying one, or using one, but it would be worth it to save in the long run and buy something a bit more reputable. As far as damage/loss of an HT is concerned, I'd feel a lot better if it were a Baofeng vs. a Yaesu. Especially after seeing I can buy one for $10 on Ebay now. Not a bad thing to keep in a first aid bag in your tornado shelter or something.

    My original point was that comparing a DMR radio to the FT-70 wasn't really logical or fair, at least if we're just citing costs. With Yaesu radios becoming more affordable, there's really no excuse at this point...

    Lowest price C4FM Mobile on the market currently:

    As N3TWM stated, it's about $150 after mail in rebate. I own two of them. Fan can be a bit annoying, but it's a fun little rig. Well worth the money.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017

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