Worked All Germany Contest - 2019

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by K5TRI, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. K5TRI

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    Hope everybody had fun, well except of course the curmudgeons who will complain that the bands were in use.

    Call: DK5TRI
    Operator(s): DK5TRI
    Station: DK5TRI

    Class: SO CW LP
    Operating Time (hrs): 14

    Band CW Qs SSB Qs Mults
    80: 135 0 26
    40: 292 0 41
    20: 147 0 29
    15: 27 0 11
    10: 1 0 1
    Total: 602 0 108 Total Score = 188,136

    Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association


    What a great contest we had. Kinda weird that it all worked given that I
    finalized the installation of my 80m antenna only hours before the start. Seems
    Murphy got shied away by the rain.

    Conditions were good, with 40m being the money band. It also turns out that a
    contest is a lot more fun when you're the "DX" :).

    One thing to note, is that many ops apparently failed to read and _understand_
    the rules to know that NM in lieu of a DOK for non DARC members is a valid
    exchange. I'm wondering how many simply didn't believe it and did not log the

    All in all a successful weekend if I ignore the fact that I started two hours to
    late on Sunday at 7 am local because my alarm was set to weekdays only. Clearly
    operator or 0X1DI0T error.

    A certainly pleasant surprise were the conditions on 15m on Sunday afternoon and
    the highlight of the whole event, CR3W booming in loud on 10m for a brief

    Thanks for all the great QSOs and cu in the next one.

    Rig: TS-480SAT (not a contest rig)
    Ant: AV-640S vertical, 80m inverted-L

    73 Mike DK5TRI

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