WB4STQ /SK William J. "Bill" Cavender

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by WB4IVG, Apr 18, 2020.

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  1. WB4IVG

    WB4IVG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am remiss for not having done this sooner. Bill Cavender, My Father, My Mentor, My Elmer before I ever heard of any such, My Teacher, and the Best Man That I have ever known, passed away on December 1st, 2019 about 4 A.M. he had been in relatively good health and was planning on having a heart operation that his doctors expected to extend his life some 15 or more years. He had, had some dental work done then another outpatient surgery, in preparation for the heart procedure, however, he contracted sepsis and the damage was too much for his internal organs and he succumbed to it.
    My Dad was always interested in the way things worked, from childhood he helped his parents on their farm where he was born and raised. He often told me of learning from his Dad about woodworking, and mechanical things. While still in high school he bought an old Ford car, he and one of his uncles tore it down to the ground and rebuilt it from the ground up. He joked about driving it home sitting on a bucket, while being dragged by a rope, and only while on his way home did he learn that the car had no brakes! He went on to graduate at the top of his Valley Point High School class. After graduation, he got a job working for Lambert Motor Company a Ford dealer. There he learned to become a top-notch auto mechanic, later working for other automotive companies and becoming a Parts Salesman graduating to becoming an over the road representative in that field. His understanding of the over road sales lead him to work in that capacity for a regional hardware company. He subsequentially founded several companies selling them and going farther. Along in that time he had become interested in Shortwave borrowing an old Hallicrafters S38. Not long after that, his best friend who had also married his first cousin suggested that we take a family trip and with that trip, he loaned my Dad a TwoWay radio to use hooking it up temporarily in the front seat of our car. Both my Dad and I were intrigued by this new device. Within a couple of weeks, my Dad had bought a radio of his own. His life long interest in radio was born. He soon after got a job with an Electronics Parts firm traveling his old routes calling on some old customers and developing new ones. During this time he learned of Ham Radio and started working on getting his license. His love of all things radio lead him to start a Radio Business with a friend of his, later buying out his friend's interest in the company. I started working for him in Summers and after school. He sponsored many Ham Radio Classes including hosting them in the showroom of the store after hours. This lead to the first Hamfest ever held in Dalton Georgia at Dalton College in 1974. His health caused him to retire early at which time I took over the business which I continue to run today. This did not stop him from continuing his love of and activity with Ham Radio. Myself WB4IVG, My Mom WB4IVH, one daughter in law licensed and all three of my children were to go on to study for their Ham Licenses. My Son is Licensed KM4CUZ, only my Two daughters have not yet been licensed but are studying. These are just family members who Bill lead to becoming Hams, there are countless others who were members of his church, and Masonic Lodge who were also influenced to become Hams. He and my Mother were both active in the Dalton Amateur Radio Club and they often worked at the Hamfest doing setups, running concessions, and then teardowns, they encouraged many folks to get involved in Ham Radio, as they did with many other people that my Dad knew throughout his life including kids who lived on our neighborhood and even folks who met him through other encounters. One of the last things he and I spoke about was some things we were planning on doing with Ham Radio. He will be missed by all who knew him!
    Laurin Cavender WB4IVG
  2. K1LKP

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  3. DJ0AJ

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    WB1SBL HI BILL vy73 DJOAJ ekrem
  4. WB4IVG

    WB4IVG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Without a doubt, The world is a lesser place without My Dad, "Bill WB4STQ" in it, BUT it is and will always a better place for him having been in it, for the influence he has had on the world at large, and the people in it, most especially the ones he came into direct contact with.
    Laurin Cavender WB4IVG

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