VK6WIA, NewsWest for Sunday 4 December 2016.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK6FLAB, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. VK6FLAB

    VK6FLAB Ham Member QRZ Page

    In the news this week we take a close look at the dysfunction that is paralysing the Wireless Institute of Australia. We report on what appears to be financial mis-management, lack of procedure, substantial financial losses and give you an overview how this all came to be.

    During the week two confidential WIA Board reports from two separate Treasurers were leaked containing what can only be described as explosive content. These documents are available from the vk6.net website and we discuss them in detail.

    A call for a General Meeting of the WIA has been made and the secretary of the WIA has announced the intent of the Institute to hold the meeting in late January.

    It's fortunate that we are also active amateurs, so we have regular segments, activities and the weekly Helpline to keep your interest and I report on the fall-out on demise of a bearing from my desk.

    We also have the unenviable duty to start our bulletin with a Silent Key announcement for Eric VK6FEDS.

    You can listen to the news on-air, on-line or on-demand. See http://vk6.net/news/ for details or download via iTunes.
  2. VK2OZ

    VK2OZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    This mob have been an unorganised rabble as long as i can remember i speak for the NSW branch in particular there were moves a foot in the 1980's to start a new national club to offer amateurs that this wia could not because they were playing politics.
    This NSW lot never lifted a finger to stop one amateur who was so vile jamming the WIA Dural repeater making it useless one a dailyn basis and anyone who confronted this lunatic was afforded the most vile abuse you could imagine including their families this NSW mob did nothing it was left to a group af amateurs to take on this lunatic themselves through expensive court cases.
    Finally after some years this clown was put of the air by Radio Branch in cooperation with this hand full of hams the institute did nothing they still are playing politics and have made some disasterous decisions,we have some idiots on 80 metres now 3.590 late at night this mob have moved from 27megs thanks to the foundation licence obscenities here flow thick and fast but no action from radio branch or WIA.
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  3. KI8W

    KI8W Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure what the laws are in Australia but around here of an organization was run like your is our State Attorney General and/or Federal Prosecutor would be filing charges in a split second. I think a lot of your Directors should be investigated legally. Some of them are probably skimming money from the organization and here, that is illegal.
    I hope you finally get this resolved.
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  4. VK2WP

    VK2WP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Have been following this matter with some interest and will certainly attend the January General Meeting.

    Good to see GM's being held on the mainland which will be more accessible to members rather than junkets at island holiday resorts.
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  5. VK6NO

    VK6NO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I too have been following this mess created that not only concerns WIA members but all Amateur Operators in Australia. I left the WIA a long time ago as they refused to offer any help when stations where being shut down due to TVI in the country. It was up to us to convince the Govt at the time it was a problem with television mast head amplifiers before stations could come back on air. Now I watch closely to their give away attitude in the hope of gaining more members. Where was the WIA when you had many paying members with disabilities that never got the chance to upgrade licences with a small handout. Too late now most are SK's. Now the world can see the financial mess the WIA is in and that's terrible for the entire hobby. Back to basics my friends. speak up and let's sort it out, members and non members alike. I'm willing to pay a small increase in my licence per year for the chance to have my say, my vote on these important issues discussed with ACMA by the WIA.
  6. VK6WB

    VK6WB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Since WIA become National...The trouble start. Collecting your Money and doesn't help you if you have a problem..: putting antenna mast etc etc.
    deal with the city council etc etc. What is the point become amateur radio operator can't put up antenna or mast in comfort of your house.
    me and few others....will be no longer a member of WIA. I am happy with my mobile phone
  7. VK6APZ

    VK6APZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was going to have a say about whats going on with the WIA but i am lost for words.
    All i can say is you down graded the UNRESTRICTED class to ADVANCED class and that was a Hugh Mistake.
    Many UNRESTRICTED operators give it away as a joke.
    And the 1kw, all us old fellow will be dead before that happens, Oh but we are UNIQUE in that area.
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  8. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hey Mates!!! We here in "The Colonies" thought that OUR OWN FCC (WERE A JOKE&THEY ARE!!!) but with your equivalent and ur WIA, GAWD!!! Welcome to government MAJOR SCREW-UPS!!! :-/

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