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    HA5CMG, Charlie writes "You can increase Radiation Efficiency (while reducing number of turns on your fixed centerloaded antenna coil or on the "screw driver" type of antennas) by installing a Top-Hat-Loop on your whip.

    From a welding supply buy half of dozen 1/16" dia. stainless or berilyum copper welding rods.

    In the vise or with a visegrip hold the top of the whip and the 1/16" dia. ss rod wind it around the whip 7 or more times tightly, the move down on the whip 6" or more grip them together, forming a loop, wind the ss rod tightly on the whip. Do this with minimum of three rods.
    Now you have a theoritical phasare about 6-12" diameter, depends on how much of the 3' ss rod you have used up.

    Proof of how well it works, count the number of the turns you are using on 80 M or 40M. Versus before the Top-Hat-Loop installed.
    Note this will effect the 10M band due to the effective lenght of the whip is now much longer.

    References in ARRL Antenna Handbook, page 16--1 to 16-15
    Pix available for the asking.

    Best 73's and have a gret mobile-ing Day.

    Check out my website.

    Charlie, VE7BOC/W6 (HA5CMG)

    <A HREF="">
    Stealth Antennas</A>"
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