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The TADMC Digital Mode Club

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by TA5FA, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. TA5FA

    TA5FA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome to Turkey’s the first and the only Digital Mode Club. Our clubs goal is introducing hams to the world of digital mode. The system is made by our own resources and is able to check ham logs and publish awards in 8 main categories, 12 bands, 7 modes and several sub categories 2072 award conbination. And some bonus awards are also waiting for you to gain them. For knowing much more about digital mode world, become a member of TADMC and join to our award system, you are kindly invited to our website on
    Please Join us

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  2. TA5FA

    TA5FA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Award Program Detail and rules :

    8 Main Category;

    Worked All Middle East Countries Award (WAMCA)
    2-Worked All Balkan Countries Award (WABCA)
    3-Worked Turkish Station Award (WTASA)
    4-Worked Turkish Callsign Award (WTACA)
    5-Worked All Medditerrian Prefix Award (WAMPA)
    6-Worked Turkish Countries Award (WTCA)
    7-Worked Black Sea Countries Award (WBSCA)
    8-Worked All TA Zone Awards (WATZA)

    12 Band ;
    6m - 10m - 12m - 15m - 17m - 20m - 30m - 40m - 60m - 80m - 160m - MIX

    7 Mode ;
    RTTY - PSK - JT65 - FT8 - FT4 - ROS - SSB

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  3. TA5FA

    TA5FA Ham Member QRZ Page



    * All qsos must be digi modes.

    * Applications could be mix or mono digi mode. All qsos will be considered on their own bands and modes.

    * QSO with;

    25 HB9 station
    50 HB9 station
    75 HB9 station
    100 HB9 station

    * If there are more than one QSO on Same Band, Same Mode, Same Callsign, just one of them will be valid for application.

    * Award Manager TA4MSO, Muhammet SOYDAL


    Click the link to see the certificate sample
  4. YF3DBH

    YF3DBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    [QUOTE = "TA5FA, posting: 5168204, anggota: 119208"][​IMG]


    * Semua qsos harus dalam mode digi.

    * Aplikasi dapat terdiri dari mode campuran atau mono digi. Semua qsos akan bertahan pada band dan mode mereka sendiri.

    * QSO dengan;

    25 stasiun HB9
    50 stasiun HB9
    75 stasiun HB9
    100 stasiun HB9

    * Jika ada lebih dari satu QSO pada Same Band, Same Mode, Same Callsign, hanya satu dari mereka yang akan valid untuk aplikasi.

    * Manajer Penghargaan TA4MSO, Muhammet SOYDAL


    Klik tautan untuk melihat contoh sertifikat [/ QUOTE]
  5. YF3DBH

    YF3DBH Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. R9OY

    R9OY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Доброе время суток всем. А что такое "БОНУС" диплом? Программа сырая, куча предупреждений, каждый раз регистрация, нет регистрации связей, про 50 тысяч связей их программа качает 2 дня! Ужасть! Скинуть АДИФ, а потом скачать дипломы - проблемотично. Программа работает со скоростью черепахи.

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