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The QSL Black List is Born

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 18, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A new website was created, The Black List, as a service to list stations that do not return QSL cards.

    The Black-List is a list of stations which are known as not 100 % QSL stations - they do not send a QSL back after a QSO-. In Blacklists, you can also find some fake stations (stations that falsify the identity of another and stations that claim they are on a QTH while they are not!) You will save a QSL and you won't waste your time by consulting the lists or looking up a call on

    I emailed the webmaster for the The Black List asking him to elaborate on his new site

    "I have created this web site as a service for stations who like to exchange QSL cards. In fact, I typed all my logbooks in my computer a few weeks ago and when I saw the number of QSL I sent without any answer I said to myself: If I knew... I would never send a QSL and I should save money, QSL and time. To add a station in the black list there are several points.

    1 - Time: The average to receive a QSL via the bureau is approx. 2 or 3 years.

    2 - An error, or a QSL lost: The station appears in the list only if there are several QSL sent (a least 3) in different dates.

    3 - A "ghost" station: a pirate.
    4 - And the worst... A green-stamps collector. QSL direct only with one green-stamp. And no answer after several months or years.

    There is also a White List. It is a list only for stations who don't want to QSL or station direct only (no members of the bureau).

    I am not an ham who wants to denunciate personally. That is why any ham can add a callsign. But I check if the station does exist really. A callsign can be deleted from the list with justification.
    This kind of list could be very useful for stations who desire 100% QSL response.

    I know that it is pretty dangerous but I trust in "ham spirit".
    I don't know if I can give my callsign as webmaster of theses lists, but I am a licensed French ham. I am a QSL collector and hope to receive again a lot of QSL cards.

    Best 73's...

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