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Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by KI4AGL, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. KI4AGL

    KI4AGL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I notice that call signs are quickly removed from the ARRL and
    QRZ data bases when a ham dies.
    Is there anyplace on the web where call signs which were valid
    during a certain period are kept for a long period of time?
    Posting obituaries here is great, but does not seem to be searchable.

    Also, not just for silent keys, but for old call signs that were previously held.

    Thanks in advance.
    Ed Evenson, killo india 4 alpha gulf lima AT
  2. W0LPQ

    W0LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    AGL: What you are looking for as a database does not exist.

    You have to look at the call signs available and decipher.


    Bill, WØLPQ
  3. AC3P

    AC3P Ham Member QRZ Page

    When handling traffic to SK's about renewing their tickets I found some by cross-referencing the data on QRZ with the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) database found on the internet.

    In order to do this you needed the date of birth. In some cases it is posted on QRZ and in others it isn't.

    Armed with the name, address and date of birth I would go to the SSDI and do a search based on the last known State of residence. Most times I would get a match, sometimes I didn't.

    I found this technique useful for avoiding the embarrassment of calling a silent key's family to tell him it was renewal time.

    I have since stopped taking such traffic because I was getting too many SK renewals and believe that the people initiating the traffic should be doing the above research before sending the message.


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