salem hamfair, not bad!

Discussion in 'Hamfest Reports' started by K7WXW, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. K7WXW

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    The Salem Hamfair, at Polk County Fairgrounds wasn't huge but most of the tables were occupied and there was some good gear available, especially test gear, and a few tables of parts like air variable caps. There was a decent selection of boat anchors but not much in the way of more modern gear. And there were fewer commercial vendors this time, too.

    I had a table there for the second time, which I mostly get as an excuse to hang out and meet people. Lots of lookers, not so many buyers, but I sold enough to pay for the test gear I bought. The prices, as usual, were much better than ebay, and I was able to turn on and do some basic testing when needed, which is a big plus when buying old test gear.

    One thing I've noticed, though, is that almost everyone arrives by nine and is gone by lunch. Given that it is a ton of work to load in, set up, load out and such, it is not surprising that there are fewer vendors. Who wants to do all that for a two or three hour selling window?

    Was there some junk? Sure, but its a flea market and that goes with the territory. Do I wish there were more folks selling NOS parts? Yup. But I met some interesting people and had some great conversations and it was a good way to connect with other hams. Only wish the coffee were better!
  2. KA7RRA

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    I stayed till the bitter end,but how much can you walk around and look at the same stuff,till you have seen it all,and get board?
    I'm from the Lake Stevens and Everett area I have been to Rickreall many of times,and enjoy it a lot
    next month on March 9th is the Mike and Key Hamfest

    I'm going to go in October
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