Retevis RT73 test

Discussion in 'Videos and Podcasts' started by EA3HSL, Nov 27, 2020.

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  1. G7RGQ

    G7RGQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The radio is much better now with firmware 26-1-21. The DMR APRS now works via repeater/hotspot. Re-start fixed, more stable RX. It's getting there...still some minor bugs in Contacts and Group list writing to radio though.
  2. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also read from other colleagues amateurs radio :

    True we read both in the various forums for radio amateurs and in the various facebook groups both Retevis and Kydera ... they are correcting but still has a lot of problems and BUG!

    Another serious thing The C7000 Chip which is a new prospective processor,

    but it is still crude and with FW bugs today. this is confirmed by radioddity gd73. If kydera (and retevis) wants to enter the US market,

    If you open a thread about the TYT MD430 or RD GD-73 you will see a lot of negative reviews about the high% BER and some other problems with scanning, receiving and the like.

    The owners of these radios, we waited about a year and constantly terrorized the manufacturer to eliminate these bugs.

    They have made some improvements, but there are just a lot of bugs.

    And what VERY serious is also the lack of seriousness', I contacted them several times via email (you are lucky they answered you, hi!) Both RETEVIS and KYDERA but never and I say NEVER no answer from them! very BAD this !!!

    To avoid! 73 :-(
  3. M7RCJ

    M7RCJ Ham Member

    I had one of these Retevis RT73 radios delivered last week and it is unusable. To hear anything (analogue 70cm) I have to set the squelch to 0 or use monitor mode and the audio sounds terrible. Squelch 1-9 blocks out everything. I am so close to the repeater that my Baofeng UV5R or with it's supplied tiny antenna is crystal clear. The little Baofeng TM1 actually works well since I am so close. Whoever made the programming software should be ashamed of themselves it constantly crashes.

    If you do decide to buy one get it through Amazon or someone with a good returns policy because the customer support direct from Retevis has been terrible so far. It has put me off Chinese radios for life.

    If you get a working one, I bet it would be pretty nice but I wouldn't take the chance again because of the customer support.
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  4. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    UPDATE: radio arrived this Monday from China ....

    mine is branded Kydera but it is the same radio as the retevis 73!

    Same radios , but the Retevis cost so much plus kydera !!!!

    I confirm BAD customer support for kydera who don't even deign to answer their customers (NOT SERIOUS !!!) and not very good that of retevis!

    I also recommend (if you find it! Hi) to pick it up on Amazon for the return guarantee talk.

    I must say that mine is not too bad, sometimes some problems, but on the other hand REMEMBER that it is a Chinese radio and costs well 200 euro (242 dollars US) of the Anytone 578, big bulky in the new car and very serious WITHOUT front panel detachable, absurd radio!

    This is really microscopic, when I opened the package I almost DID NOT believe it is almost as big as the microphone, hi hi !!! AMAZING this .

    In ANALOG and in VHF with external antenna instead I must say that it is very good, it is not true that it is deaf, on the contrary .... it receives exactly "very weak" signals as well as with my Kenwood RTX!

    We very much hope that the 2 beta-testers (radio amateurs) of KYDERA fix this little but for me really nice radio, very sexy, hi!

    best 73

    see with your eyes :


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