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QRP Portable Antenna Hamsticks For 817/KX3/X108

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KJ4YZI, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. KJ4YZI

    KJ4YZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have now started a collection, LOL.
    These telescopic hamsticks are not a new product, but if you don't know about them, or you doubt them, You can see some contacts in my videos using them, and more videos to come.

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  2. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Another twist on this, and possibly a better radiator is a dipole of hustler mobile antennas with appropriate resonators. My impression would be having a solid tubing vs. A thin coiled wire for the first four feet, the high current pâté of the antenna, the radiation efficiency would be better. It works for me(I use both haystacks and the hustler on occasion). The Haystack version wild be lighter though. What are tour thoughts?
  3. KJ4YZI

    KJ4YZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    My thoughts are that I want to have the smallest antennas in my go kit, not large dipoles. I like the idea of a tiny telescopic antenna, (or antennas) to bring along.
  4. KG5THG

    KG5THG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You can use these with an mfj-347 to make the hamsticks into a nice little dipole. Very narrow swr, but easy to tune so you can drop the lowest part of the swr right on the frequency you want. I have used them in both 40 and 20 meter. Not a bad little portable setup.
  5. N0FPE

    N0FPE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I prefer the Buddipole...all bands in one antenna and breaks down to a small transportable size..and way more durable than the telescopic doodads
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  6. K6MTS

    K6MTS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have a few of the single band models, have not used them much but was surprised with the performance when I tried them, yes, counterpoise wire is critical. Typically I go with an end fed wire with my KX2 to keep backpacking weight down, but like you stated, for quick set up, or other times when weight is not a factor, these little guys work pretty well. Thanks for the vid.
  7. W9MRH

    W9MRH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Those MFJ-347's are just the ticket. Don't know how light they are though. I've had a pair on order from DXE for a month...................
  8. KB4MNG

    KB4MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Man, I like your videos. I have subscribed!

    I do have a question. With the terrific deal on the FT891 til the 31st. I have thought about getting that radio and this type of antenna. How would you adjust the swr to make sure it is not high? The 891 does not have any tuner.

  9. KM4CQG

    KM4CQG XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Future video utlizing these small whips and WSPR to show there performance vs other antennas for QRP work.

    Like the Buddipole or Crank IR or any vertical or dipole you can gather.

    This will eliminate me having to do this so thanks if you do.

    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
  10. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Alwwys better to adjust these for minimum swr and not rely on a tuner as they are a big compromise in efficiency already and using a tuner may make the radio happy but will not help the radiation one bit. A small portable analyzer that you should already have will get you close and if you are using cw or data the small bandwidth won't be an issue. As a last resort, using the built in swr mater on the rig at 5w should be sufficient. AND if using as a vertical, the counterpoise/good ground is a must(salt water is nice).
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