OK OK So I Suckered into a Vanity Call

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, May 4, 2001.

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    KD7LZR soon to be K7TUT writes "I know what some of you are thinking,"Good for you, Mitch"! I know what some others are thinking,"Vanity is the right word for it". While others are laughing, "King 7 TUT, HA HA, what a joke!" To be honest, I resemble all of those remarks.

    If the Vanity Web Site is correct, I have almost a 98% chance that the FCC will grant K7TUT to me as no one else seemed to want it. I can not understand that but that is OK by me.

    Now to the first question, "Why did you do it?" Simple, first of all my old Novice callsign was WN4TUT. My buddy back then, WN4SWH (now WB4SWH) drew up a QSL card that was a classic and desired by alot of Novices back then (QSL will be posted at my Bio soon). I did not want my old Novice callsign since I moved to Seattle many moons ago so a "7" was appropriate. Second, I must admit that vanity is part of it. How can I pass up paying $14.00 for a 1X3 callsign as well as getting a callsign that was not even available to me when I got my General the first time (N2BPD and N7FWR)? As for the third reason.....I bet you will not forget my callsign so easily. Fourth, Tyler keeps calling me LooZeR. Fifth, I like CW as well as SSB and the call is short and sweet.

    There is one more reason that I have not disclosed to anyone but since you have read this article so far, I might as well tell you. You just have to promise not to tell anyone and don't send this article to anyone yet as I am not yet ready to reveal the truth, OK? OK! Here it is, even though I don't believe in reincarnation I do somehow have this feeling that I am a King. As some old philosopher once said, "I think, therfore I am". Now don't any of you philospher types try to convince me that the statement has some reference to anything other than, "I think I am a King, therfore I am a King". I know that you believe it refers to the thinking man but no, I am sorry, I must disagree.

    So what could a person do? If I am a King, which I must be, then what name could I use? I tried King "7" ART but that was taken. I tried BOB but who ever heard of King Bob? Then it struck me, why not go back to when I was a Novice and use "TUT" the boy King. Since I am 45 years old and feel like a healthy young man, why not! Ok ok, no comments from the YL's about "young man equals child equals immature"! I get enough of those comments from my XYL!

    I have decided after a long process of trying to be humble, to make myself "King of the Air Waves" and you are all my loyal subjects. Don't get sick on me here. Stay with me a little longer as I am getting to the good part. With that title bestowed upon myself, for a small sum of money, miniscule as compared to what you are getting, I will bequeth to you a title and a portion of the air waves. For those with callsigns starting with "K", you will be "Knights of the F Layer", those with "N" will be kNights of the E Layer, and those with "A" will be "Almost Knights of the D layer". All other callsigns will be "Serfs" except for "W" which will be jesters. Those that do not accept my title or do not send to me a small sum of money will recieve nothing in return. No air waves and no title!

    As of today, I am still preparing the official certificate and working on the allocation of the air waves. When I am ready to officialy be crowned King of the Air Waves, I will let you loyal readers be the first to know. As for now, I am the King and I am merely waiting for the coronation. If I may take a comment from one of our former Secretary of States, Al Haig, "I am in control!" Just do me one favor, don't tell the Queen!"
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