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New tropo world record contact between Cape Verde Islands and Scotland made at 432 MHz

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Dec 29, 2019.

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  1. N2RRA

    N2RRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    LMAO, smh
  2. G1ZRN

    G1ZRN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Two cans and a piece of string, forget about all this radio malarky.
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  3. N2RRA

    N2RRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    When contesting, it’s a test of physical endurance like a sport. For example, I’ll try too explain it too you and the ones who haven’t worked hard for anything in radio contesting, or just wanna be typical wise guys and twist facts like a politician as simply as can be.

    First, you need a comfortable seat cause sitting in it long hours for many hours can eventually create fatigue on your back and neck. UNLIKE DIGITAL FT8, or ALIKE where you can leave your stinkin computer to do the work for you while you get up and take a crap and make a phone call too chat with your buddy to see how well his cheating is going as it makes the contact for you. Plus, that seat come in handy cause it could be hours, days, or even years before the operator acquires that entity unlike digital FT8 gives you the advantage of possibly getting it in no time. Which is good of course, but in my opinion not fun, or worthy of the catch. It be like going hunting, but spreading feeder 360 degrees around you and baiting the prey. Maybe more like setting up a bear trap and waking up too it while it’s on the ground shooting it in the heart and you go back to the hunting lodge and tell everyone you shot it from 1000 yards away. LOL

    You’re hearing doesn’t need too be great, or even decent to listen through the QRM while you adjust filtering as needed for very weak signals let alone invest in a proper receiver like the rest of us cause the software does the listening for you.

    You don’t have to use, or worry about your voice getting raspy and going on you cause you don’t need too use that either.

    You don’t need to worry about your hands getting fatigued sending CW, or spinning that dial looking for QSO’s, or any of the sort cause you sit on one frequency that see’s 30khz +/-. Probably exaggerating a little bit on the monitoring span bandwidth, but you get my drift.


    There is nothing wrong with using a digital mode too make any QSO. Clearly it takes some effort to construct the digital station which is the easy part. What is wrong is too contest in it, or get DX credits when you can not say you worked for it physically using human motor skills and human endurance in comparison to other modes other than setting it up to perform long hours in place of you when you are not present. You can not say the effort into getting a particular contact required the same magnitude of effort installing a significant antenna, utilizing significant power, not needing a receiver capable of combating atmospheric and man made conditions, or requiring the same “physical endurance”.

    Can you get that through your wise guy thick narcissistic skull?


  4. KV6O

    KV6O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh my...
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  5. GW3YDX

    GW3YDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Certificates of achievement have been sent to both computers who made the contact
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  6. KC2KAE

    KC2KAE Ham Member QRZ Page

    chris tucker I think no t but my 2 cents is if you cant hear it with your own ear then it shouldn't be worked as in if the signal is so weak we cant hear it but the computer can pick it out of noise floor then to me no good, that'one of the reasons for new records plus that's where most are flocking to because its way easy to get an award now, 73 catch you on the band
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  7. K5QE

    K5QE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your comments appear to be from an old HF Neanderthal. Question: is your old push-pull pair of 4-400s still working?

    IF FT8 is OK for "any QSO", then it is OK for contesting. After all, the purpose of contesting is to make as many contacts as possible in a given time.

    I am certainly glad that you are not allowed to decide what is a valid contact. You appear to want to include a lot of stuff that is totally extraneous. In HF, the useless 59 or 599 is actually plugged in by the logging software. I live in the VHF world, where the definition of a contact is much more strict than what the HF world seems to use. In VHF, the signal report is the grid. You have to actually copy that. You have to copy your and the other guy's call and a Roger too.

    Your complaint is old and common. Basically, it is that these newcomers with their filthy digital modes are making contacts and earning awards that took you decades to earn. The same comments were made when SSB came along. SO WHAT? Your awards are still valid and everyone knows that it was harder in the "old days".

    Even though FT8 seems to be taking over VHF contesting, using it exclusively will actually LOWER your score--as many are finding out. FT8 is not the "end all do all". When we took a grid DXpedition to the rare grids in the Big Bend of Texas, we discovered that for some of the really long distance contacts, ISCAT worked better than FT8.

    As to whether or not someone is a "real amateur radio operator", I have examined my logs. Searching over 60,000 contacts did not turn up the N2RRA call. <Sarc on> So obviously, you are not a "real ham". <Sarc off> Lighten up, get on the air, work someone, build an antenna, go to your ham club. It will work wonders. You will live a longer life and have a lower blood pressure.
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  8. MW1CFN

    MW1CFN Ham Member QRZ Page

    No. But I can spell 'to' properly, redneck.
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  9. N2RRA

    N2RRA Ham Member QRZ Page


    “Searching over 60,000 contacts did not turn up the N2RRA call. <Sarc on> So obviously, you are not a "real ham".”

    So I’ve searched for your call sign in my over 84,673 contacts log to your over 60k log and you’re not in my log either. So I guess you’re not more of amateur radio operator than I am. LOL, JESUS.

    What a silly mentality and exactly the sort of mentality I’m talking about. Smh!

    You obviously missed the point and it’s nonsense in talking too walls, but for the last time. It’s NOT THE MODE. It’s how you use the mode. Your either present at the helm, or not. FT8 allows you NOT TOO BE PRESENT. THATS THE GRIPE and in turn lack of presence is lack of physical endurance. PERIOD!

    It’s really not a hard concept too grasp unless there’s something really wrong with you.


    I’m done, THE END.
  10. KE4PJW

    KE4PJW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So I have recently got back on the air. Kiddos made me step away for a decade. I came back and started to use FT-8. What software allows for unattended FT-8? WSJTX does not. I am genuinely interested what software allows it.
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