New digital mode FT4

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    New digital mode FT4

    Joe Taylor K1JT has announced a new digital mode, FT4, which is 2.5 times faster than FT8

    FT4 is an experimental digital mode designed specifically for radio contesting. Like FT8, it uses fixed-length transmissions, structured messages with formats optimized for minimal QSOs, and strong forward error correction. T/R sequences are 6 seconds long, so FT4 is 2.5 × faster than FT8 and about the same speed as RTTY for radio contesting.

    FT4 can work with signals 10 dB weaker than needed for RTTY, while using much less bandwidth.

    FT4 message formats are the same as those in FT8 and encoded with the same (174,91) low-density parity check code. Transmissions last for 4.48 s, compared to 12.64 s for FT8. Modulation uses 4-tone frequency-shift keying at approximately 23.4 baud, with tones separated by the baud rate. The occupied bandwidth (that containing 99% of transmitted power) is 90 Hz

    Further information on FT4 is at

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  2. WS4E

    WS4E Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am holding out for FT-2 myself.
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  3. KC2YMO

    KC2YMO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, just think of it as one step closer to telepathy.
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  4. K7SKE

    K7SKE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sweet, FT8 was getting alittle long in the tooth for me.....! 73!
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  5. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    2.5 times FASTER!?!?!? Now I can contact all 50 states in (running calculator) in 23 minutes! WOOHOOO!
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  6. K8SQB

    K8SQB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cue: FT4 will ruin Amateur Radio.

    I for one welcome our new FT4 overlords.
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  7. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Someone please wake me when they get to FT-0...
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  8. VA7WPN

    VA7WPN Ham Member QRZ Page

    The way I see it... the more modes there is the more options you have.. BUT... the bigger the chance you will miss that QSO because your not using the right mode. Soon, EVERYONE will have their own mode.. and no one else will use it... and communication will stop... well.. will be where everyone complains about it. To each ... I guess.
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  9. KC2YMO

    KC2YMO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Crossmoding anyone?
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  10. W4EAE

    W4EAE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I guess I was watch lead paint dry...

    Now I can watch acrylic paint dry.

    Everyone has their hobbies.:)
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