Midwest Tropo on 2 meters

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by W0AAT, Jul 25, 2017.

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  1. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Tropos are what got me Hooked on DXing!! I just love working TROPOS out of the Chicago area back in 1968 to 1970.
    It was the MOST EXCITEMENT I have had in Ham Radio!!!!
    I nailed 8 states on 2 meter AM, it was great!!! We don't get much in the way of TROPOs out here in Kalifornia, but we do get the wonderful DUCTs to Hawaii!!! I worked a station there on the BIG ISLAND that was louder than any local on 2 Meter SSB.
  2. N8SAN

    N8SAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now that is amazing!
    I only have a mag mount on my jeep for 2m.
    OH! I do have an Arrow Sat antenna I could hook up and try SSB. hmmm!
  3. N8SAN

    N8SAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tried listening and making calls last night while I was covered in the "red" on the map.
    Both SSB and FM on my arrow, changing the polarity respectively for each.
    Nothing heard at all. Bummer.
  4. KF5RHI

    KF5RHI Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. N8SAN

    N8SAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Man I'm jealous.
  6. N8SAN

    N8SAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Am I doing something wrong? This morning the map is showing really well in my area again. I even got on my roof, with my arrow yagi on a tripod my VX-8DR 2m simplex. Vertically polarized. Squelch open. Didn't hear anything. Made some calls. Nothing.
    I've tried this over a few openings over the last year or so and have not once even heard anyone!
    I like the challenge of things, but I would expect to at least hear someone?
    Maybe it's actually not that great and the APRS receivers are picking up someone with a tower and power?
  7. KC3JIN

    KC3JIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is all of the 2m tropo to be had on SSB, or can you do FM? What's required? This sounds like fun!

    It's my impression that APRS receivers have a much easier time picking up the briefest splorch of datamode than human ears do with voice. I dunno, maybe that's for someone more experienced to chime in on.
  8. N8SAN

    N8SAN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Both! (From what I understand)
    Watch that video embedded here, it's FM both 2m and 70cm

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