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Interesting connection between solar activity, propagation and earthquakes

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VE7DXW, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. K7GYB

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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing your observations. It would seem to me that there would be a natural mechanism for the earth's electromagnetic field and the various regions of our atmosphere to react to seismic activity. We are still learning much about our natural world which is all-encompassing.

    There will always be those - who for whatever reason - feel threatened by contravening or new theories presented as possibilities or even just mere observations. Not too long ago, an astronomer proposed the preposterous theory that there was a significant amount of water vapor being introduced into our atmosphere by micro-comets... he was nearly drummed out of his field by peers (and the nattering nabobs in the peanut gallery) who either through jealousy or a propensity to fuel their own egos under the guise of the scientific method proceeded to harass him to the point where his life was replete with personal attacks and professional degradation since he didn't live in a time when observational instruments existed that could verify his proposition. A few decades later he was later proved correct in his theory by the advent of orbiting scientific platforms designed to monitor earth's biosphere from orbit - if I remember correctly, there are more micro-comets hitting our atmosphere (observed in the infra-red spectrum) and evaporating than even he predicted. I'm sorry but the name of the Astomomer escapes me for now and I learned about this during an Astomonmy class I took as an elective in college.

    I notice that your critics don't address your basic premise that seismic activity may interact electromagnetically with regions of our atmosphere; instead engage tertiary rhetoric, ad hominem inference, and introduce unrelated tangential arguments directed more as personal criticism than debate in the classic sense. I've seen all this before in other areas and suffice to say it is easier to succumb to our base instincts to condemn and denounce that which is not fully understood, than to make an effort to understand and interact in a healthy way with others.

    Please continue to post your observations as the universe is a BIG place and very little is known about it as much as we like to think we know so much. I look forward to your future opinions and information concerning possible seismic effects on our atmosphere for if it is found to be true, then there would be many ways this could prove useful in many fields.



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